Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - I Will Destroy You

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

November 9, 2016

Overthinking everything.

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We cut away to our first Probst Sighting!! Everyone gets a look at the new Takali tribe, with Figgy voted out. With all the different reactions, Jeff has to ask Michaela about it, since she famously said that they should be able to figure it out. She comes back with the fact that sometimes you say what you're supposed to say, but that ultimately, it was time for Figgy to go a while ago. #ByeFelicia

Anyway, let's get to the challenge, shall we? Tribes will be working together to unwind some bags of balls. Once they have all three balls, they'll have to get all three balls through a long net. Then take those balls and lay them up on a rig made of a couple 2x4s, so not so easy to land the balls on. They'll be playing for a meal. Cooked for them by a chef. Shrimps, kebabs, all the fixin's. Second place gets some kebabs. They all decide it's worth playing for. Bret and Sunday decide they'll sit out the challenge and we're ready to go.

Ikabula gets off to a great start as Jay just stands on the shoulders of Will and Michaela to get the balls off the spiral rack. Adam does pretty well, but nowhere near as fast as Jay. Zeke and then David have a helluva time getting their balls. Somewhere along the line, purple takes the lead and Ken makes the first shot into the long net. Chris and Co. have now caught up as well and Chris sinks the first ball. Now in last place, Jay finally sinks his first shot. Zeke and Michelle are quick to get the balls out of the net and they have opened up a nice lead. Chris is the first one to get the third ball in. Ken is next to get his third in. Ikabula is still lagging behind trying to get their second ball out. Chris is shooting for Vanua and scores the first two balls before anyone else even starts shooting. As Ken lands his first ball, Chris lands #3 - Vanua wins immunity.


Ken is shooting while Will and Hannah continue to struggle with the net. They finally get through and Michaela starts shooting. She scores their first, while Ken lands his second. Michaela ties it up and then before Ken can do anything, she lands the third to win reward for Ikabula. As the tribes head back to camp, Michaela tells us that she's happy to have skewers, but she's a little worried that people might think she's the one to beat.

All right, let's check in with the winning Vanua tribe. They walk into camp and the chef is already there and cooking. David and Zeke are thrilled with the food. They just slam food and they don't stop. Chris also. And once they're done we get the inevitable scene of all the guys belching and farting, while Michelle sits downwind wondering exactly what the hell she signed up for. As this is going on, she worries that she is the odd person out in her tribe. And she's right to worry.

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