Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 6 - The Truth Works Well

By Jim Van Nest - Gen X'er

November 2, 2016

She's no longer with Taylor. Check Google to see why.

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As it turns out, Michaela and Hannah do finish the table maze first. And right after finishing, Michaela starts offering tips to Zeke and Michelle on how to do better with the table. It definitely gets everyone's attention and despite being dead last in this challenge, with Michaela's guidance, Zeke and Michelle finish the maze and win immunity for Vanua, sending Takali to Tribal for the first time since the swap.

After the challenge, Jeff has to ask Michaela what the deal was and why she was helping Vanua so hard. "Well, we kinda want Millennials to stay and when you get two and two, somebody's gotta go home." Taylor points out that there's Millennials over there too. "Yeah, but there's three of you. If you can't figure out how to work together, you deserve to go home." And there it is. As simple as that. Michaela is now not only carrying her tribe, but she's helping to dictate which tribe goes to Tribal, in order to keep her in-game numbers. There are several people that seem to be getting a "winner's edit" - Ken, Jay, Figgy, Michaela, David and Zeke could all be seen as possible winners. But Michaela is the one who's actually building the resume every single episode. Very impressed with her thus far. I just wish she had been a little nicer to Hannah during the challenge. As we head to break, Figgy tells us that as long as the Millennials stick together, everything will be just fine.


And after the 10,000th commercial for The Great Indoors - coming Thursday to CBS - we're back with the Takali tribe. Adam tells us that it sucks for them to be going to Tribal. He's been playing both sides for a while and now he has to finally pick one. Figgy and he go to get some water and talk plans. Figgy, who IS a good Survivor player, plays this exactly the way you should. It's part of Survivor 101. When you have a swing vote, the way to approach them is not dictating who to vote for, but rather, asking them who they want to vote for. She does this perfectly, and Adam hems and haws a little, but finally settles on Ken. They bring Taylor in and it appears that we're getting ready to play, "It's Anyone But Ken."

As they separate, Taylor and Figgy talk about how they're not 100% sure they trust Adam, but it's the play they have to make. A little later, we see Jessica making a pitch to Adam, saying that she and Ken are ready to work with him. She asks him where his heart is and lets that sit for a second. Then she gets him to confirm that Ken is the target tonight. So she pulls Ken aside and lets him know what the plan is. She tells him he has to go to Adam and convince him that they have his back and will never write his name down. And if this works, the three of them can run the game.

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