Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 6 - The Truth Works Well

By Jim Van Nest - Gen X'er

November 2, 2016

She's no longer with Taylor. Check Google to see why.

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We come back from break to a Probst Sighting!! As the tribes walk in, everyone gets a look at the new Vanua with CeCe gone. Figgy can't contain herself. She's so glad to see Michelle come walking in. Oh yeah, and Zeke's there, too.

Today's challenge is a blindfold challenge. One person will be the caller and will lead the rest of the tribe through an obstacle course to find puzzle pieces. Once the tribe gets all the pieces, the caller will then direct one blindfolded member in how to put the puzzle together. As it is, the caller is everything in this challenge. Purple has an extra member, so they sit out Jessica. Green has two extra, so they sit out Hannah and Bret. Oh yeah, they're playing for cookies and milk and stuff. Second place gets a plate of cookies. Honestly, it's not one of the better rewards, but to the starving man a cracker is a gourmet meal.

The challenge begins and Michelle, Figgy and Jay are the three callers. It doesn't take long for Jay to have his tribe moving smoothly. Figgy's not doing too badly and Michelle can't get anything going. In a humorous moment, Chris asks Michelle what she wants to tell David, because he is basically ignoring everything she says. When Chris tells him the exact same thing, David does it perfectly. Wha???? In a bit of an upset, Figgy gets all her pieces back first and she begins to direct Ken. Michaela comes back with the final set of pieces, and Jay sets off to direct Michaela.


As orange comes back with their final set of pieces, Hannah starts to complain about feeling faint and weak. Keep in mind that Hannah isn't participating in the challenge. Zeke is being directed by Michelle and out of nowhere; they get the puzzle finished first, winning the food reward. Only a moment later, Jay and Michaela finish up and despite starting the puzzle way before the others, Figgy and company will go back to camp empty-handed.

When the challenge ends, Hannah is feeling worse and worse. She starts to freak out. Jeff gets Dr. Joe over to check her out. She's basically having a panic attack and as soon as he comes over to check her, she starts to calm down, which gets everything else to come back to normal. I'm not sure that this was a big deal, but it is very nice to see that Jeff and the show have learned from previous mistakes. It was about this point last season where they lost one member of the cast and almost lost two more in a challenge that was a little too much on the players. So, I was glad to see them err on the side of caution with Hannah and get the medical staff in there before things got out of hand. Well done by everyone.

We come back from the 1000th ad I've seen for Pure Genius (coming soon to CBS) and we join the Vanua tribe and they're reveling in their come from behind victory. Talk turns to Figgy's reaction to seeing Michelle. Zeke tells us that Michelle is a very dangerous player in this game for just that reason. He feels that he's at the bottom of the Millennials tribe and that for him to go forward, sticking with Gen X and getting rid of Michelle might be a good idea.

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