Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 6 - The Truth Works Well

By Jim Van Nest - Gen X'er

November 2, 2016

She's no longer with Taylor. Check Google to see why.

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We check in with Ikabula and Hannah is discussing her panic attack. She talks about how embarrassing it was to collapse when she wasn't even in the challenge. She hated how weak she felt and how the entire cast saw it. She tells us that she still doesn't feel that great, but that she keeps telling everyone and herself that she's good, so they don't think her too weak. I worry about the final arc for Hannah. Unless they're setting up this epic turnaround, where Hannah goes from panic attack to almost seems like they're hinting at a med-evac or a quit. I hope I'm wrong on this one, because that would suck for her.

And finally, we check in with the reward-less Takali tribe and the biggest thing on their minds is whether or not Taylor and Figgy should out themselves as a couple. Taylor tries to convince her by saying that Adam is with them, and everyone else knows anyway. So, after a big time-waster scene, Figgy decides to break the news to Jessica. Jessica? Not surprised. #Figtails is the worst kept secret in Survivor history. Figgy pulls in Ken to tell him as well. Ken? Not surprised. As we head to commercial, Ken tells us that they're not quite as cool as they think they are, and he certainly will not sit on his ass and let them take his game away.

And with that, we come back to our second Probst Sighting!!! Today's immunity challenge will have the players walking across a series of balance beams on the water. They'll then climb a pyramid to grab bags of coconuts. Inside the bags are also three balls. Once they have all the bags and find all the balls, two people will look to move those balls through a table maze. First two tribes to get all three balls through the maze win immunity. Sitting out for Ikabula this time are Will and Sunday. Sitting for Takali will be Adam.


And we're off. David, Ken and Jay take off to begin the challenge. Jay blows through it and even David rocks the balancing. Ken is the one having trouble and has to go back to the start. Jay gets his bags to the mat. Then, out of nowhere, Ken has caught up with David and actually pulls ahead because he's able to carry all three bags at once while David can only grab one. All of this, however, turns out to be for naught as all three tribes end up working the table maze at the same time. Figgy and Jessica have a huge lead in this challenge and they squander it.

Some things we see during the table maze: Michaela, while awesome in challenges, doesn't know how to talk to people. She orders Hannah around and talks horribly to her as they play. Also noticed, we haven't seen a whole lot of Jessica. She's pretty much been the legacy advantage and pinkeye. We see in this challenge that not only does Jessica sport a huge tattoo on her side and back, but she is pretty ripped. She's been in a baggy t-shirt most of the time and this challenge finally showed her off as a competitor in these challenges, way more than they have through five episodes. Also, we learn that while not really getting along or working together in the game - Michelle and Zeke make a hella-team when it comes to puzzles and table mazes.

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