Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 2 - Love Goggles

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 4, 2016

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Episode 2 of the 33rd season of Survivor. Last week, we had one of the more boring premiere episodes in Survivor history, despite having the #unprecedented event of an evacuation of both tribes to an undisclosed location. While I'm sure the storm was plenty exciting for everyone on the islands, for the viewers at home it was pretty "meh." If we could have seen where the players went or something, maybe it would have been more interesting. As it was, it was 15 minutes of show wasted, in my opinion.

When the game WAS on, there was a whole lot of manufactured drama/comments surrounding the different generations. And at the end of the day, it was proved again that being annoying straight out of the gate is the absolute worst thing you can do. Rachel irritated her tribe and was sent packing, while the skittish schemer, David, was allowed to stay even though everyone out there knows that he'll Cochran on them as soon as he's given the chance. Oh yeah, and there's a blossoming love affair on the Millennial tribe - as if the premiere wasn't annoying enough.

Previews for tonight's episode suggest the sho-mance gets deeper on the Millennial tribe, and Dr. Joe will visit the Gen X tribe, suggesting someone may have had a heart attack. Uh oh - not another evac!


We begin tonight's show on Day 5 and the Gen X tribe still doesn't have fire - even though they now have a flint. Paul lets us know that there's a six-person alliance and that David, CeCe and Ken aren't in it. And then, right on cue, David takes the flint and actually starts the fire. So, let's get this straight - we have all these manly men on both tribes and it's Zeke and David that start the fires? And naturally, right after the fire gets started; we're told that David is still the next to go. However, David has decided to go get a bunch of big rocks for people to sit on around the fire. And while he's collecting these big rocks, he decides to search for a hidden idol. And lo and behold, after searching in all kinds of trees and holes, he catches a glimpse of a coconut with some purple paint on it. He cracks it open and inside is the hidden immunity idol. As David gets really excited and starts spending his million, let's roll the credits!

We come back from break to check in with the millennials. Right off the bat, it's all about Taylor and Figgy. They're all smitten with each other - so much that at night, they can be seen and heard kissing and slurping and stuff. Michaela is disgusted by the whole display. And next morning, she calls them out in front of the tribe. Amazingly enough, Figgy doesn't think the tribe sees them as a couple or a bad thing in the game. And she's right, unless you count Michaela and Zeke and Marin and Hannah. And even their boy, Jay, is totally pissed.

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