Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 2 - Love Goggles

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 4, 2016

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Jay takes it to Michelle and she is blown away that they would want to get rid of Figgy. She is determined to switch the vote and get rid of Mari instead. She tells Jay that they have to get Figgy and Michaela to make up. So, Jay takes the girls to the beach and breaks the news to Figgy that Zeke wants her gone first and Michaela next. Michaela doesn't seem to have any plans to make up with Figgy, but she does tell us that if Jay is telling the truth and she's next, she might have to make a move. As they continue to discuss, it becomes evident that they have to get Will on board to have a shot to flip this thing.

So, here comes Michelle over to talk to Will. She tells him that everyone knows what Figgy is up to, so she's an easy vote later. Will disagrees, saying that he's seen people like Figgy gain momentum and use it to win the game. He cites Parvati and Cochran specifically. Michelle kind of ignores all of that and tells him that Mari is the bigger threat. He says that it's nerve wracking to change votes this close to Tribal. He doesn't commit to vote with her, but seems like he's thinking about it. As they head to Tribal, Michelle tells us she's not sure she has the numbers and she may have to work on something at Tribal Council to make sure this happens.

Once they all come in a dip their torches in the fire, Jeff starts with Adam. He is totally mesmerized by the Tribal Council set. They all are. Mari talks about how much harder it is to play this game with real people rather than avatars on a screen. Zeke is loving life on the island and wants to give the best of himself. Michaela does not really agree with that. As she calls out some things, we see Michelle lean over to Hannah and tell her that she's voting for Mari.


When called on, Hannah calls out the Taylor-Figgy couple. Talk now turns to them having two votes that will not be split up. Figgy and Taylor don't see a problem with it. Michaela is blown away that they feel like they can lie right to your face and expect you to just believe it. Meanwhile, Michelle and Jay are trying to convince Hannah to vote Mari. She wants a reason why, and she's given the ol' "I'll tell you later." Everyone is curious as to what's going on with Hannah and Michelle. Mari finally speaks up to stick up for Hannah, saying that it's probably nothing and that it's just Hannah being Hannah.

With that, it's time to vote. We see Zeke's vote for Figgy, saying that she's way too dangerous to stay in the game. We see Figgy's vote for Mari saying that she hopes she can trust Michaela. And then Hannah heads to the booth and tries to work out the numbers as she stands there. After some time expires, everyone is concerned, and you can see Jeff looking around the corner to see what's up. From what I've learned after the show, she was back there for something like 10 minutes. That's just insane. Remember last season when Aubry voted for Julia and then crossed her name out and switched? Remember how that came back to bite her in the ass at the final Tribal because Julia remembered that Aubry had planned to vote for her? Yeah, if you're going to take that long to vote - you're screwed no matter which way you go because you hesitated for 10 frickin' minutes to cast this vote. So, one side will be pissed that you voted against them, while the other side will be pissed that it was so hard for you to stick with them. Horrible play there by Hannah. And it might not bite her soon, but I have a feeling it will eventually.

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