Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 2 - Love Goggles

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 4, 2016

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We get back to camp as Dr. Joe makes his way in. They hook him up for a quick island EKG to check the heart. Dr. Joe says that he has enough of the symptoms that they need to check for a possible heart attack. Jeff says that they have a chopper on the way. The EKG comes up clean - no sign of damage to the heart. Dr. Joe says that the diagnosis is likely heat exhaustion and dehydration. There is no danger to him and he will stay in the game.

It's weird to say this, since he was just in camp, but Day 7 dawns and it's a Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge should be a fun one. Players will have to make a short swim and climb up a cargo netted rig. Once at the top, they'll jump off and grab a key. Once they have all five keys, they'll open a box with a pair of non-love goggles. They'll use the goggles to dive down in the water and untie five rings. Once all five rings are untied, they have to play a game of ring toss, hooking all five rings.

Through the first three swimmers, the teams are virtually tied. Round 4 is Zeke vs David and Zeke absolutely blows him away. Zeke sends Adam into the water while David still struggles. Finally David makes it and Jessica takes off, but the Millennials are already getting their goggles. Figgy comes up with the first ring. CeCe jumps in, but can't come up with a ring. Jay comes up with the second ring. Lucy takes a real long time but finally comes up with the first Gen X ring. While Ken dives down, Mari is struggling to get a ring. She and Ken come up at about the same time, Millennials lead 3-2.


Ken gets a couple in a row and the tribes are tied at four rings a piece. Jay and Bret go down to get the fifth rings. CeCe scores the first two rings for Gen X. Jay scores the first two for the Millennials. Then, Ken takes over and scores three in a row. Gen X wins immunity!! Oh yeah, they also get a reward - a tarp. But ultimately, it's all about the immunity. As we head to break, Mari tells us that they plan is to get rid of Figgy tonight without her knowing it is coming.

And now it's time to play "It's anyone but Figgy." Zeke, Mari, Adam and Hannah all discuss that Figgy has to be the one voted out. They pull in Michaela and Will. Michaela can't wait to vote for her. So, this thing is done and settled, right? Well, maybe not. For some unknown reason, Zeke and Adam let Jay know what's going on. They tell him Figgy has to be the one to go. Jay totally understands, but is pissed that his Triforce alliance is being broken up this quick. As they talk, Zeke tells him that they're trying to get Michaela on board and if she's not down for it, she's next. This is all really weird since Michaela is like the #1 person on the Dump Figgy train.

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