Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap

Episode 1: May the Best Generation Win

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

September 21, 2016

I don't know what we're laughing about.

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We get to Tribal and Jeff has them all get their torches and dip them in the fire - because, as you know, fire represents your life in this game. When your fire is out, so are you. He starts his questioning by asking about the weather and the evac. He makes note that Jessica seems to have something going on with her eyes. She looks like she has some wicked pink eye. She tells him that sand got blown into her right eye and then developed a bacterial infection which has now spread to her left eye. She looks really bad. And really contagious.

David talks about how he is scared of everything, including going home tonight. Everyone admits to being worried about getting voted out. Chris seems to think it's just paranoia. Rachel, on the other hand, feels really uncomfortable because no one really strategized with her prior to Tribal. And in all seriousness, that is HUGE. If you come back from a challenge and no one wants to talk to you prior to Tribal, you're going home. David says that tonight's vote is a test for him to prove that he can be trusted. And with that, it's time to vote.

They show no votes, which seems odd for the first vote of the season. Something of note, Bret fist bumps Paul as he sits down. It would seem that the alliance here is Bret, Paul, Chris, Jessica, Sunday and Lucy (yes, there's someone named Lucy on the show). Let's see how the votes play out. First vote: David. Second vote: Rachel. Third vote: Sunday. Wha? Fourth vote: CeCe. Whaaaaa? Now it starts to alternate, Rachel, CeCe, Rachel, CeCe. And the final two votes come up for Rachel, making her the first person voted out of Survivor 33 - Millennials vs. Gen X.


And once again, we learn that early in Survivor, the annoying person is more likely to be voted out than the overly strategic player. David was really the vote here. You can’t trust this guy. Sure, he's with you now, but come swap or merge time, he's gone. Rachel may have annoyed everyone, but she would have been loyal. And she most definitely wasn’t coming out of the gate playing super hard like David. Why CeCe ended up in the mix, I have no idea. But at the end of the day, the six DID split the vote between Rachel and CeCe. David and Ken jumped on board and voted for Rachel. Rachel and CeCe voted for Sunday and David respectively. Very interesting first Tribal Council of the season.

Overall, I liked the first episode. I still don't like the theme. I don't like the forced adversarial tone that Jeff seemed to be going for here. I also don't like that some of the cast fell right into the stereotypes that go with their generation. I do enjoy that the pretty people alliance is headed for a huge crash and they have no idea. I have hope for the season, especially once the tribe swap comes around. Anyway, let's talk Next Time on Survivor: There's a sho-mance blooming on the Millennial tribe and it just might cause a rift in the bros. Jay is heard telling his boy that power couples don't last in this game.

Also, it looks like we'll be seeing Dr. Joe over at the Gen X camp, but not for whom you would assume, Jessica and her eyes. Dr. Joe says, "He might have had a heart attack." Egads! We see a teary eyed confessional from David, so it's not him. I think Ken is out of the woods on this one, Chris too. If I were to guess, it's either Paul or Bret. And whatever happens, it's not cool. Let's hope everything turns out okay for them and they either can stay in the game or can get the medical help they need. Until next time kids, thanks for reading. Take care!

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