Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap

Episode 1: May the Best Generation Win

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

September 21, 2016

I don't know what we're laughing about.

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While I was ranting, Jeff tells both tribes that right off the bat they'll need to run into the jungle and grab their gear and food for the trip to their beach. There are a couple of places to make choices, but overall, it's just a free for all grabbing crap. The first decision is a bunch of pots and pans or a hammer. This makes no sense to me or either tribe - they all take the pots and pans. The second choice is either chickens or fishing gear. Gen X wastes no time taking the fishing gear. Millennials end up taking the chickens. Right off the bat, it seems kinda stupid to take chickens over fishing gear. I mean, you have fishing gear; you have the potential for food all season long. But - how many times have we seen a tribe, even with fishing gear, not able to catch anything? While I also would have taken the gear, I'm not so sure that taking the chickens was a huge mistake like others do. Also in the commotion of grabbing stuff, one of the Gen Xers, Jessica, finds an envelope on the ground. She quickly scoops it up and tucks it in the waistband of her pants. We have no idea what it is, but I'm sure it's something awesome, right?

As time expires and everyone gets back to their mat, Jeff warns them all that this is cyclone season in Fiji and there are storms moving in. He tells them to not waste any time getting a shelter built as they're expecting some really bad weather. Naturally, neither tribe will listen. Before the tribes get to their beaches, I want to point out a couple confessionals we heard over the beginning of the show. I mention them because they could be foreshadowing something. As you know, I never read spoilers, so this is all just conjecture through the first 12 minutes. But we've already got soundbites of Mari (my winner pick) talking about how her generation is the best. We also have a quote of her saying, "Survivor is the game of games and I am Going. To. Win." So, through 12 minutes, it's looking real good for my winner pick.


We see the Millennials (tribe name Vanua - who knew?) get to camp first. They start by introducing themselves. Within about five minutes, Taylor (the snowboard bro) and Jay (the long man-bun bro) have hit it off. And whadaya know, they've also hit it off with Michelle and Figgy - the hot chicks. So mere moments into the game, we have a bro and chick alliance of four ready to take over the game. Zeke is feeling out of sorts with the "kids" on his tribe. He definitely identifies older than they do. Not looking good for Zeke right out of the gate.

Over at Gen X beach (Tribe name Takali) - the older crowd arrives and introduce themselves. Paul takes the time as the old guy to give a pep talk about how this setup is gonna be great for them. They're thinkers and hard workers. Ken, the model, chimes in that as Gen Xers, they also know that they can't underestimate their opponents. Gen X uses their hands, but the other tribe uses their brains. They can't just assume they'll win easily. Ken also tells them that he's lived off the grid for the last five years and that he has extensive experience living off the land. Jessica, our girl with the envelope, finds some time to sneak off and open it. She has pulled the very first "Legacy Advantage." This letter will give her an advantage on Day 36, if she's still in the game. If she gets voted out, she'll have to will the advantage to someone else. So, one way or another, the advantage will play on Day 36, we just don't know who for, right now.

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