Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap

Episode 1: May the Best Generation Win

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

September 21, 2016

I don't know what we're laughing about.

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We come back from break to the Millennial beach. Figgy and Taylor solidify their bond. Jay and Figgy solidify their bond. I have to give Jay some props for calling the three of them the Triforce. Sweet Zelda reference, bro! They also talk about how Michelle is with them - so they have their solid four-person alliance. And with that locked up, they go about the business of letting everyone know they're a click. Hannah is not too happy to see the click of Kappa Kappa Survivor forming, so she tries to make a bond with Michelle. They seem to get along well and Michelle tells us that a lot of people trust her because of her faith - she's the missionary recruiter, remember.

Over at Gen X beach, everyone is a workin'. Ken, who has all the knowledge, doesn't seem to be leading anything. Rachel and Paul are working on digging a hole for something...and Rachel proves herself to be quite a bit annoying. Sunday, our Minnesota mom, is not too thrilled with Rachel. Meanwhile, Chris and Bret have decided to take over the building of the shelter. David is over there to help them and he tells us how much he hates the outdoors, and the sun, and the water and almost everything about Survivor, except the game. As they work, David sees Ken and Paul a little bit away and fantasizes that they have the idol. So, he tries to get Bret and Chris to question it. No one has an idol, David is just overly paranoid. Dare I say he's paranoi-ing? Chris doesn't like how hard David is playing this quickly out of the gate.


Over at orange beach, Adam tells us that they're in a world of hurt with their shelter. The wind is picking up and the tribe has decided to stop working and go swimming. Adam and Mari are the only ones not in the water, but they do the smart thing and don't try to make everyone else get to work. When that much of the tribe wants to play, it's not in your best interest to speak up. You just roll with it and end up the way this tribe does. All of a sudden, it's dark, the storm is picking up and they have a half-assed shelter that actually collapses under the weight of like three people. What we get next are a bunch of scenes of how bad the storm is and how bad their shelter is. Hannah suggests that this storm just might be their punishment for not building a shelter.

We come back from commercial to the Gen X beach on Day 2. Everyone here is miserable as well. No one slept and everyone is cold and wet. And in an unprecedented move, the tribe gets Tree Mail which includes a huge tarp. The note says that the storm is getting worse and that they will be required to give the tarp back when the weather breaks. If Jeff has to come get it, it'll cost them more than the tarp. Um, whoa! Chris points out (and he's right) that he doesn't recall anyone being given a tarp they didn't have to earn. He's really concerned about what the weather has in store for them the rest of the season.

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