Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Season Preview

Millennials Tribe

By Jim Van Nest - Gen X'er

September 20, 2016

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Hello, good people! Welcome to season 33 of the reality juggernaut, Survivor. Season 33 is one of the seasons not named after the location it was filmed in, but rather a theme designed by Production. This year's theme, in my most humble opinion, is not the best. It doesn't roll off the tongue and it seems pretty forced. The official title of this season is: Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. Not what I would have gone with, but I'll at least give it a shot before I completely poo-poo it.

My concern about these types of themes is two-fold. First, they try to force every contestant into one of the preconceived groups, regardless of whether or not they actually fit (see Alecia on the Brawn tribe just last season.) Second, I feel like it's a rather lame attempt to create drama and an "us vs. them" mentality. That will manifest itself; it doesn't require a forced premise to up the possible conflict. The kind of stuff that bugs me about these forced themes - we have one person on the Millennials tribe who is 31 years old while one of the Gen X'ers is 33. Really? Is there going to be a major generation gap between them? Hopefully the theme won't last for too long and we can get back to Survivor: Survivor Edition where people just interact and conflict naturally without Jeff Probst constantly throwing a label on everyone.

Okay, enough ranting on the theme for now...I'm sure I'll hit it more in my recaps during the early part of the season. My plan is to do two preview columns for this season - one for each tribe. I'm going to make predictions as I always do and I want to remind everyone that everything I do is spoiler-free. So, I'll do my best to analyze the players by their bios and their Meet the Castaway videos. If the information is thin on a player or two, I may also check out some of the pre-game interviews done by Survivor columnist extraordinaire, Josh Wiggler. You can find his stuff over at All righty, with all of that out of the way - let's say we get to the frickin' preview!

We're going to start the preview with the Millennials Tribe. The Millennials will start the game wearing orange buffs. To keep my predictions a mystery (oooh), I'll list them in alphabetical order.


 photo adam_zpsbq8crixo.jpg

Adam Klein - Okay, so this is the first person I have to talk about? He can't be for real, right? Adam manages a homeless shelter. He enjoys board games and travel and he's playing this game in honor of his mother who has Stage 4 lung cancer. Oh, and did I mention that his grandmother survived frickin' Auschwitz?? His dream is to win the game and immediately hand the million dollar check to his mom. Seriously, I half expected him to mention that he fosters little homeless kitties and puppies. He compares himself to Spencer from Brains, Brawn Beauty 1 and Second Chance. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. While being wicked smart, Spencer was never able to really get past his shortcomings in the game.

I really can't get a read on how Adam will do. I think it will largely depend on how he comes across to his tribe. If he can come across to them as just a guy who does good things, instead of defining himself as such, he could forge a decent alliance. If he's rubbing in what he does, they'll likely consider him fake and dump him asap.

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