Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Now's the Time to Start Scheming

By Jim Van Nest

May 9, 2016

Farewell, final villain.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Kaoh Rong. Can you believe we're already at Episode 12 of this season? That's crazy! We're down to six players right now and as we start tonight's episode, Kyle Jason is an island. Everyone is against him and he's watched his two allies leave the game over the last two episodes. With that in mind, I feel like he is the single safest person in the game tonight. We're at six now. If Kyle goes, then the alliance of five will remain and one way or another, there will be a 3-2 split in that alliance. Now is the time where Kyle's vote is the most useful to everyone else - which means he shouldn't be the target.

Previews suggest that Michele might be the target this week. She's gotten a quiet edit and interwebs have been all about her "winner's edit" for a while now. She actually wrote down her best friend's name last week, and the smarter players might be recognizing her as a threat. Also a threat is Tai, with his chicken, his idol and his advantage. Eventually, the group is gonna have to come for him, or they'll be trying to figure out how the hell they let him in the Final Tribal.

What will be really interesting tonight is that with a six person tribe and the possibility of a 3-3 vote split, whoever has Tai on their side could find themselves in a nice spot with that extra vote. Tai could totally leverage this advantage into a Final 3 deal with...well...any pair in the game. I just don't think Tai is a savvy enough player to figure that out. My bet is that either the idol or the advantage or both will never be played. Having watched Dan Foley completely botch the extra vote in Worlds Apart, my guess is the extra vote is a non-factor this season as well, which explains why they changed it up for Second Chance and gave Fishbach a vote stealer. No matter what happens, I still feel like five of these people could potentially win this game.


Before we get to the recap, I just want to point out some logistics. We have six people left. After tonight, there will be five. After next week's episode, there will be four. That means the two-hour finale on May 18th will feature only the final four. It's been a while since that's happened, right? I think this is totally setting up for a surprise Final 2 instead of a Final 3. This could REALLY open the game up for some people. I mean, if Kyle can get to the end and take Joe with him? That sets up my Kyle Jason winner and gives me three winner picks in a row. Just sayin'. Okay, let's get to the episode.

We begin after Tribal, and Kyle's feeling pretty good about how things went. He feels like he may have made some headway with people. He starts right off the bat with Cydney and Michele and suggests that he's a better bet to take to the end over Tai or Aubry. Michele actually agrees with him, but she doesn't want to go against her alliance. The next conversation we see is Tai telling Aubry and Joe that he has an extra vote, so that at the next Tribal, they have four votes. And then the following vote, he has an idol which guarantees them all a shot at the final four. At the mention of this, you can practically see the wheels turning in Aubry. That's a lot of power for one person to have and she doesn't look too thrilled about the idea. We head to the credits with Tai feeling super confident about where he stands right now.

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