Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Now's the Time to Start Scheming

By Jim Van Nest

May 9, 2016

Farewell, final villain.

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We come back on Day 30, and Tai has found a super-sized grub in a tree trunk. He suggests they might have to eat one in the challenge. Mark decides he'd like that grub, and everyone enjoys Mark. Kyle tells us that the only thing he's sure will see Day 39 is Mark the chicken. He tells us also that he can't get anyone else to play with him and that he's totally alone. Joe finally gets some screen time as he talks to Kyle. He's pissed that everyone is just fine to sit where they are in the alliance and not try to better their position in the game. Joe just sees it as whining because things aren't going his way. We learn through this conversation that Kyle is playing the only card he has left, the lazy card. He's not doing anything around camp, just eating the food. He doesn't feel like he wants to help out the people that are gunning for him.

And with that, it's time for a Probst sighting!! For today's reward challenge, they'll be divided into two teams. They'll have to run out into the water to a huge maze. Then, using their own weight, they'll maneuver three balls through the maze. The first team to get all three balls to the center of the maze wins reward. The reward is a trip to a wildlife preserve in Cambodia with animal interactions and everything. Also, it features a picnic lunch.


The challenge starts off with Joe, Cydney and Aubry against Kyle, Tai and Michele. Kyle jumps out to a HUGE lead over Joe. In fact, Michele is almost through the obstacles before Joe gets to his spot to start Cydney. Kyle's team easily gets to the balls first and starts working the first ball around the maze. The other team finally catches up, but they have no teamwork and can hardly get the ball to move. The Kyle team lands the first ball and goes to get the second. They actually land the second ball before Joe and Co land their first ball. This is a butt kicking. A few seconds later, Tai, Kyle and Michele land the third ball and win reward. As they head to reward, Tai tells us that he's worried about what will happen back at camp while he's gone.

We come back from commercial to the losing team arriving at camp. Joe's embarrassed with his performance in the challenge. While he's telling us that, they're showing a scene in camp of Joe ordering the girls around. Cydney is trying to eat a little bit when Joe interrupts her and basically tells her to stop to go get some wood. She tells Aubry as they go that she won't be able to make it all the way with that. She is done being told what to do, especially when she's eating. As they get back to camp, Joe's even giving a bunch of attitude to Aubry, and she's pretty well done with it as well. He's way too worried about having a huge fire. Aubry's worried about Joe pissing off Cydney to the point of her blowing up the game.

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