Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Now's the Time to Start Scheming

By Jim Van Nest

May 9, 2016

Farewell, final villain.

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Time for the happy music as the winning team arrives at their reward. They start with the picnic and are loving life. As they eat, an elephant walks up to where they are. They learn a little about Lucky the elephant and the preserve itself. Kyle is choked up over this because his autistic daughter loves animals. He knows that she's going to love this part of the show. Tai tells us that he is actually warming up to Kyle on this reward. He now thinks that Michele should be the next to go. Michele, on the other hand, just doesn't trust Kyle at all and feels like he has to be the one to go next.

And straight from break, we head to a Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge will have the players using a rope to balance a wobbly table. They'll race back and forth getting blocks, one at a time. They have to stack the blocks on the table to spell out "Immunity." The hard part is not letting the table and blocks all. This should be an interesting challenge.

As they all take off, Cydney is quick to fall behind in this challenge, to the point that she's pretty much out of it by the third letter. Out to a surprising lead after five letters is Joe! And as soon as I say that, Joe drops all of his tiles, leaving Michele in the lead. No wait, Michele drops. Then Aubry, then Tai. At this point, Kyle is in the lead with six. Hold on a sec, Jason drops everything. And now, Cydney is in the lead! As Cydney places her fifth tile, we learn that Joe can't spell immunity backwards as he keeps bringing the wrong tile. Aubry and Michele have basically caught up with Cydney when Michele and Tai drop out. Then Aubry drops out again.


At this point, Cydney places her seventh block and heads back for the last one. Kyle also places his seventh and they are now neck and neck, but Cydney is playing SO slow that Kyle overtakes her to grab the last block. They both place their eighth block. First one back without dumping wins. Just a few feet from the win, Kyle drops all and Cydney finishes it off. Slow and steady literally won the race tonight for Cydney. Amazing!

We come back from break to the usual congratulations to Cydney in the challenge. Tai has decided that Michele is the bigger threat than Kyle, and he wants to get the group on board with him. Joe would rather get rid of Kyle, and no one else gets to speak before Michele comes down to the water. Tai tells us that he plans on using both of his votes on Michele. Finally, Aubry tells him she's with him. Next up, Tai goes to Kyle and tells him to vote Michele. He's been suckered by Tai before, so he's not sure what to do.

Cydney and Joe talk about how they really want Kyle to go and that they need to stop worrying about Tai's agenda. Cydney does not like this at all. So she goes to Michele and tells her that Tai's plan is to get rid of Michele. Next up, Cydney goes to Aubry and tells her that she doesn't appreciate that Tai is trying to dictate to the rest how to vote. Aubry tells us that she actually agrees with Tai, but not the way he's gone about this. She knows that Cydney has no plans to go with Tai and that she's torn between what she thinks is the best thing to do and what will piss off her biggest ally, Cydney. And with that, we head to Tribal.

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