Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - It's a Me Game, Not a We Game

By Jim Van Nest

May 4, 2016

We're sure we'll see her again on All-Stars.

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Jeff starts Tribal, asking Julia where we are in the game. She says it's a crucial point, and every conversation could make or break you. Kyle chimes in talking about how everyone needs to weigh their options because someone in the alliance of five has to be #5. Julia says she thinks Michele and Cydney are the bottom of that alliance. Tai admits to feeling very nervous tonight because of his idol and his advantage. He wants them to remember the plan and to keep moving forward as a group. Aubry talks about how important trust is in tonight's vote.

Kyle jumps in to say that he trusted his alliance, and look how that turned out. He says that Tai has flipped on his alliance twice in this game already. What's to stop him from doing it a third time? Michele and Cydney talk about how they want the jury to respect their play, but you have to have some moves on your resume. Kyle keep pounding on the fact that he and Julia are right there ready to do something crazy. All they need is someone to do it with them. Tai tells Jeff that after all this, he doesn't feel comfortable at all. Let's get to the vote.


We see Aubry's vote for Julia, saying that she's not crossing it out this time. We also see Kyle voting for Tai. And with that, Jeff will go tally the votes. Anyone have a hidden immunity idol they'd like to play? Tai whispers in Aubry's ear, asking whether he should play it. She tells him she thinks he's good. So, when Jeff asks, Tai sits on the idol. Let's read the votes. First vote, Tai. Julia. Tai. Julia. Julia. Tenth person voted out and the fifth member of our jury, Julia. Aw, bummer. As an 18-year-old player, Julia was very much in the mix and had a really good game in her. Unfortunately, she was too transparent and it finally caught up with her and she paid the ultimate price. But once again, Kyle squeaks through another vote. He's getting closer and closer to being the goat everyone wants to take to the end. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Next time on Survivor: Kyle is down and out and can't get anyone to play with him. And it looks like Cydney is getting ready to make a move. The question is, will Aubry make the move with her, or will Aubry turn out to BE the move that Cydney makes? Stay tuned for the Week 12 Power Rankings and then later in the week, the Episode 12 recap. Thanks for hanging, kids. See ya next time.

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