Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - It's a Me Game, Not a We Game

By Jim Van Nest

May 4, 2016

We're sure we'll see her again on All-Stars.

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And they're off. Kyle bolts out to a huge lead and has plenty of time alone to study the wheel. As people catch up, everyone is taking their time studying. Kyle, Julia and Michele are the first ones to head back to shore to try their lock. As they start working the combination lock puzzle, Michele grabs some sand to put in the spaces, and writes the numbers with her fingers. Naturally, Jeff sees it and mentions it, so others start to do the same thing. Damn, Jeff. Shut up and let someone have their own strategy.

Kyle is moving through this and is the first one to untie a key. He tries it, doesn't work. Keeps trying, still doesn't work. So he has to head back out in the water to check some numbers. Julia and Michele are both close to their key. Michele gets hers out first followed right behind by Julia. Both of their keys work and they start working on the puzzle. Neither one of them is making any headway, but then the lightbulb goes off for Michele and a couple seconds later, her blocks spell out "Blindsided" and just like that, Michele wins immunity. The rest of the players and Probst are stunned at how quickly she completed this challenge. He asks her how many of the symbols she memorized. She says, "All of them." And that is that. Another challenge everyone expected to be super hard, and one of the players grabbed it and made it look easy! As we head to break, Kyle can only hope that Cydney and Michele come on board to dump Tai.


And we're back to play a new game, "It's anyone but Kyle Jason!" As everyone congratulates Michele, Aubry breaks down the numbers and tells us that Kyle is definitely the easiest vote, but she's not sure it's the best idea. Cydney is all over the vote for Kyle, but Aubry is warning everyone about how much of a threat Julia is. She tells us that she thinks Kyle might be a good guy to take to the end. She feels like Julia is a much bigger threat to win the game.

Now, Julia is Michele's bestie and she's not too thrilled about this turn of events. Michele asks the group what she's supposed to tell Julia. Cydney tells her to just tell Julia that "we're going with the Tai thing." That really piques Tai's interest. He says that he is prepared to play his idol tonight, because he won't go home with it in his pocket. Michele and Julia talk a little strategy, and Michele really wants to stick with her to get rid of Tai, but it all depends on what Cydney wants to do. If they can't get Cyd, there's no point in her flipping. The next conversation we see is Kyle and Cydney. It's plenty easy to anyone watching the show that Cydney isn't any part of this plan. But Kyle, he buys it hook, line and sinker. Cydney breaks down her choice to us and then goes off to see what Michele wants to do. Julia gives the good news to Kyle that it seems like the plan is to get rid of Tai and that they could both be in a great place. As they head to Tribal, Michele is really struggling with her decision tonight as she doesn't want to vote out her best friend in the game.

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