Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - It's a Me Game, Not a We Game

By Jim Van Nest

May 4, 2016

We're sure we'll see her again on All-Stars.

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We come back from break to join the ladies on their helicopter ride. It really does make everything look so majestic. They are all so excited about this reward - the helicopter, the fried chicken and the chance to talk game. Michele tells us that she has been relying on her social skills in this game and that she might have to separate herself from Julia in Aubry and Cydney's eyes. Aubry tells us that Michele has always stayed with them and that she has proven herself. When she steps away for a minute, Aubry and Cydney compare notes. They agree that Michele is someone they can probably work with. Cydney says that they cannot go to the end with Tai, so either Joe or Michele would be good people to take. Right now, though, they need Tai to help take out Kyle and Julia. Cydney really wants to get Tai out of the game, but she's nervous about when to do it. Aubry seems to be on the same page, so they could have a solid little two-person alliance going here.

Next, we finally get to check in on those who didn't go on reward. We visit Julia and Kyle first. Julia seems to be pinning all of her hopes on winning immunity, while Kyle is still trying to find a crack to exploit and work his way back into the game. This is the difference between an older guy and an 18-year-old. She sees no solution other than the necklace; he knows that if he is able to wait long enough, another opportunity will present itself. He breaks it down that Tai has to be the vote. They have three, with Michele, but he doesn't know where that fourth vote will come from. After discussing it, they decide that Cydney may be their only chance at getting someone else to flip. Kyle had a relationship with her in the past; maybe they can rekindle their old Brawn colors and continue on in the game together.


They finally get alone time with Cydney and Kyle lays out the plan. They're voting Tai; the others will vote for one of them. If Cydney comes with them, either Tai plays his idol and one of Julia or Kyle goes home or Tai doesn't play an idol, HE goes home and takes the last idol with him. Cydney agrees it's something to think about and tells us that she likes having options. This is a "me game" and she is going to do what's best for Cydney. Kyle and Julia are now just hanging to see what Cydney's going to do. Cydney is just hanging out waiting to decide which vote is best for her, Tai or Kyle. As we head to break, Julia confirms that as soon as Tai is gone, Mark the chicken will be the next to go.

And we come back from the commercial to another Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge will test the players’ physical strength as well as their mental strength. They will have to run/swim out into the ocean, climb over a log wall, then run/swim some more to a dock. On the dock is a wheel with symbols and numbers all over it. They have to memorize which number goes with which picture and then run/swim back to shore (over the obstacle again) and then use what they memorized to work a combination lock. Once solved, they will untie the key associated with the space. If that key opens their lock, they'll get some puzzle blocks that spell out a Survivor word. First to spell the word wins immunity. If their key doesn't open the lock, they need to head back out in the water and back to the circle. This is going to be pretty grueling and it will be interesting to see if anyone can actually remember anything after some 26 days of Survivor.

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