The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 8

Salt That Sand

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2016

Magic together.

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On his second attempt, Burnie gets the thumbs up on his bags of salt, and he and Ashley will rush off to Pantai Mertasari to retrieve their next clue. Kurt takes his bags for approval, but is sent back to get a fuller one. Unfortunately, he drops one of the bags on the ground at this moment and it bursts, so he’ll have to fill another one completely. This gives Tyler a chance to break ahead, so he and Korey will be chasing Team Rooster Teeth.

At last, Rachel is able to call for the judge for her sand, and the guy mercifully gives her his approval. It doesn’t really look like she has it fully complete, but she’s dying enough out there. Let her move on.

Kurt’s woes continue when he goes back for a second try - one of his ties on the bag has come undone, so the judge sends him back to work on it some more.

Although Burnie & Ashley are expecting a Detour at the next clue box, it actually turns out to be a Roadblock celebrating the Bali Kite Festival. Some of the kites are as much as 30 feet wide and a thousand feet long. For this Roadblock, the person who sat out on the last one is required to do this one. They’ll work with a team to build their kite and then take it out for a fly.

As Kurt continues to struggle with the salt bags (“We have man hands!” Matt rationalizes), Zach asks Brodie why they’re not using the Express Pass. Brodie doesn’t answer, but you’d think everyone will figure out what’s going on soon. Finally, Kurt gets his salt finished, which means they can go over to the beach and break the tragic news to Brodie that he’s going to have to build and fly a kite. Cole and Matt follow pretty closely behind, while Rachel is doing pretty solid work on her bags. She finishes several minutes later.

Brodie is looking at Ashley’s kite for guidance, which she takes as a compliment. Everyone figures that Sheri is going to become quickly frustrated with this challenge, but she proves them wrong, saying she likes to build things. Given Dana’s occasional struggle with details, we expect it to be challenging for her. Meanwhile, Rachel tells Zach that building the kite is like putting together a big LEGO set.


Korey finishes his kite first, and he and his team get it off the ground. It is absolutely gorgeous. Ashley is right behind him, but Tyler & Korey are first to receive the clue that instructs them to take an outrigger to their next Pit Stop, which is located on a traditional Indonesian sailing boat out in the middle of the water. They also wonder why Brodie & Kurt aren’t using their Express Pass, at which point they have the realization that they must have already played it.

“It’s just one of those challenges,” says Brodie, as he fumbles with the knots on his kite and both Sheri and Dana receive approval for their kite construction. Brodie tries to get the thumbs up for his kite, but he’s told that his knots are still wrong. Zach sees it as an opportunity to catch up. Will we really have an epic fall for the Frisbee guys? Also, more importantly, how had we not realized that Kurt was carrying the team on his shoulders?

Tyler & Korey are checked in as team number one, which means that Burnie & Ashley will get their fourth second place finish in a row. The guys have won $5,000 each, but are more excited to be back at the top. Sheri & Cole and Dana & Matt arrive at basically the same time together.

That leaves Brodie and Zach on the beach, and both guys get approval for their kites almost simultaneously. With the stakes this close, the advantage has to go to the Frisbee guys, mainly because Kurt will propel them to Phil’s boat through his sheer force of will alone. More to the point, Rachel has to be exhausted from the earlier challenge, which means rowing the catamaran is going to be really difficult for her.

Except… the guys are fighting with each other over the best way to row to the boat. They do get to the Pitstop first, but they probably only beat Zach & Rachel by 45 seconds. Because The Amazing Race wasted the non-elimination on Sheri & Cole, we lose Zach & Rachel this week. The married couple ran a solid race, but one mistake in choosing the Roadblock participant did them in. “We’ll walk the plank, Phil,” says Zach, and they jump off the boat. If you’ve gotta go out, go out with style!

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