The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 8

Salt That Sand

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2016

Magic together.

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For this challenge, teams must first collect seawater and then pour it onto beds of black volcanic sand, allowing the water to evaporate. Next, they will go to a hollowed out coconut tree, where the brine from this process has been able to crystallize. After they have filled four bags with salt, they’ll move on to the next portion of the Race.

Brodie & Kurt strategize about who should do the challenge, and we see that Burnie & Ashley seem to be onto something. Brodie is hesitant and cautious. Kurt senses this and just takes over. This means that Brodie will have to do the next challenges. Tyler takes the task for his team, while Sheri & Cole are directed to their Speedbump. They’ll have to return to the Bat Temple, where they’ll need to locate a guy who is effectively “meals on wheels.” Once they identify him, they will need to prepare and sell 10 breakfasts and also eat one themselves. As we said, the Speedbumps have definitely gotten more challenging. This one will take some time.

The Roadblock itself looks pretty tough. The water gathering portion of the the task is hard because the water is both heavy and the waves are tempestuous enough that collecting significant amounts of liquid is nearly impossible. While this is going on, we learn that Kurt is a stage three colon cancer survivor, making his physical domination throughout this Race all the more impressive.

Zach & Rachel have arrived for the Roadblock, and Rachel decides to take the task for her team. Oops. Ashley’s face says it all, actually. This is simply not a great task for smaller people - it’s actually pretty tough for Tyler as well, though he’s taking the approach of filling his water sacks up only as much as he can handle, figuring that a steady approach will work better than killing himself to try to finish quickly.


After downing their very icky-looking hot breakfast soup, Sheri & Cole have finished their Speedbump and are headed back over to the Roadblock. As Cole burps, they wonder if they just ate goat testicle. We don’t really want to know the answer to that question.

As expected, Rachel is struggling, both with the heaviness of the load and the sunburn on her shoulders. Burnie is the first to finish with the front half of the task, followed quickly by Kurt. Burnie jokes that Kurt traditionally doesn’t do that well in these things, which makes the Frisbee dude laugh. It’s all good-natured competition, which is pretty great to watch.

While he watches his wife struggle, Zach muses that he hopes that either Sheri or Dana choose to do the task for their teams. Alas, it’s not to be. Cole and Matt will probably finish the task before Rachel despite her head start. Tyler is given the thumbs up to move on to the next portion of the challenge.

Burnie goes to the salt ladies to turn in his bags of salt, but he’s sent back to fill one of them up more. Cole finishes the first half of the Roadblock, and Matt isn’t far behind. Rachel is close to passing out.

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