The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 8

Salt That Sand

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2016

Magic together.

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When teams arrive at the temple, there are numbers that they’ll pick up. Each number is associated with a corresponding departure time. There are two for 6:15 a.m., and they go to Brodie & Kurt and… Sheri & Cole. Ugh. Remember what we said in the last paragraph? Yeah.

At their designated departure time, teams will search for a “traditional Balinese offering.” Burnie & Ashley will be going at 6:30, although they amusingly try to get Brodie & Kurt to trade numbers with them. Tyler & Korey will join them, which means 6:45 is left to Zach & Rachel and Dana & Matt. Dana’s body language is… not positive.

The first clue of the day instructs teams to deliver two different types of offerings to two different locations - the Pura Enjung Galuh Temple and Tanah Lot. And how do you find a temple? If you’re Brodie & Kurt, you look for monks, which you’d think would be a good tactic. Unfortunately, these monks have nothing to do with the offering they’re delivering, so they’ve messed up pretty significantly in the early going.

Then again, Sheri & Cole just wander around aimlessly until they muddle on a group of chanting monks. They go to the center of their circle and wonder what’s next, but the mother/son team is also in the wrong place. Brodie & Kurt get directions to the proper temple, but they see upon arriving that the second set of teams is leaving and fast on their heels.


After delivering their offering to the correct monks, Brodie & Kurt are each given… a giant snake to wrap around their necks. Yes, they’re live. Yes, they’re huge, particularly Brodie’s. We hope they’re not hungry. As the other teams receive their snakes, one of the monks tells them, “Have fun but stay calm.” Everyone’s pretty okay with it except for Korey.

Having now delivered their snakes to the other temple, Brodie & Kurt are now directed to go half a mile past… the Bat Temple. No, this is not the vacation home of Bruce Wayne, but actually a cave full of real, live bats. But it’s a bit of a swerve, because the bats are really just a landmark to get them to their next destination. The guys have a bit of trouble deciding which way to go, which basically allows Sheri & Cole, Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley to catch up to them. They are all racing for the same location.

Zach & Rachel and Matt & Dana are also participating in today’s race, apparently. They deliver their snakes without much incident (although none of them like the snakes the way Sheri & Cole did) and we quickly leave them behind to return to our front-runners. The top four are still in a tight group, which allows them to herd toward their next clue. It indicates that it’s time for a Roadblock, and we should note that Burnie & Ashley mentioned earlier that they’ve been trying to stay very even in who takes on the task, meaning that now that they are close to the end, they can strategically choose the best person for the challenge. This stands in stark opposition to Brodie & Kurt, as Kurt has taken on the majority of these Roadblocks for their team (and seems to be the better performer of the two).

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