Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 10 - I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends

By Jim Van Nest

April 21, 2016

Good riddance.

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The only votes we see are Julia's vote for Tai, Scot's vote for Aubry talking about what a great competitor she is, and Aubry's for Scot saying, "Please, please, please, please." And with that, Jeff will tally the votes. Does anyone want to play an idol? Julia tells Tai to play his idol. Scot tells him not to. Julia again. But Tai refuses. Let's see the votes. Tai. Aubry. Scot. Tai. Aubry. Scot. Scot. Ninth person voted out, fourth member of the jury, Scot. Time to play the Super Idol. Scot and Kyle look to Tai and with a bit of a hesitation, Tai shakes his head, refusing to give up his idol. And like that, Scot is voted out of the game. And, oh by the way, he had Kyle's idol in his pocket. So, the alliance is busted and the only other idol in the game is gone. Tai now has the lone idol, an extra vote and the girls all on his side. As the hashtag said, "Wow!"

I challenge anyone that has been bagging on this season to tell me that this wasn't one of the most satisfying Tribals in the history of the show. But you have to wonder what this means for Tai's game, though, right? I mean he now has an idol, an advantage and the biggest move in the game under his belt. It should also be mentioned that this wasn't a spur of the moment decision by Tai. He didn't just decide after the vote that he was gonna burn Scot. He voted FOR Scot. He came into Tribal knowing exactly what he was going to do. He plays like he's just this lovable little guy out there to have an adventure, but he's got some game. And honestly, who would want to keep this guy around now? He's a lock for all jury votes, save Scot and Kyle. If Aubry's smart, and we all know she is, she won't let Tai last much longer in this game. So, while he made one of the biggest, boldest, most satisfying moves in Survivor history, he may have just given up his game in the process.


Next time on Survivor, Kyle wants revenge, Julia is pissed and Tai is feeling the power. And the next character to leave the game is likely to be Mark the chicken - Julia is seriously feeling the rage. The picture is clearer now, but next week still has serious potential for fun. Kyle is definitely on the ropes now, but he does have Julia with him. And Julia has Michele. That sets up a 4-3 situation that seems like it might be a little shaky. Aubry and Cydney are running the show on that side, with Joe and Tai along for the ride. But all it takes is for Kyle to realize where he sits and go kiss Tai's ass a little, tell him he understands the play and that he'd like to still work with him.

Aubry is now the biggest threat and if Kyle can get Tai back, that thin 4-3 advantage flips. And don't forget the idol and the extra vote. This can still go a lot of ways, folks, so don't sleep on the next couple episodes. Also, now is as good a time as any to mention that the last BvBvB season ended in a final two, not final three. So, who's to say that a final three is in the cards for THIS season? Anyway, I'm enjoying the hell out of this season and this was the best episode yet. Be sure to come back next week for my Power Rankings and the Episode 11 recap! 'Til then, take care!

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