Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 10 - I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends

By Jim Van Nest

April 21, 2016

Good riddance.

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Day 27 dawns and Tai and Aubry are at the well talking. They talk about how hard the game is. Tai tells us that he's having a hard time with how some people are playing. His heart tells him he really likes Aubry a lot. Aubry tells Tai that the girls are trying to flush out his idol and that she really wants to work with him. She also presents herself as an alternative to Scot and Kyle and the way they're playing. I have to stop for a second and really commend Aubry for how she handled this entire exchange. Not only did she offer herself up as an alternative to the Kyle/Scot method of playing Survivor, but she also offered up the votes of three other people. Aubrey let Tai know that he was not alone and that it was more than just her ready to bring him into the fold. She empathized with him and really played up the fact that it's a tough thing to manage, the head vs the heart. She is REALLY good at this game!!

Or so I think...but as soon as they're done talking, what does Tai do? He heads right back to tell the guys. And what does Scot do? "We gotta get rid of Aubry." He recognizes that Aubry is the real threat here, not Cydney. Tai, however, doesn't really like this plan and he tells us that he doesn't feel like he ever has a say in anything. That he just gets told what to do and that Kyle and Scot are really running the game. He doesn't like that feeling, but remembering the first rule of Survivor (if someone asks you if you're a God, you say "Yes") Tai tells them he's on board with them and they set their sights on stopping Aubry from winning immunity.

And with that, it's another Probst sighting! Looks like we have another "stand really still" immunity challenge. So, it's probably Tai's to lose. They'll have to stand with their arms straight out. They'll hold a disc against a pole with just the tips of their fingers. Attached to the disc is a ceramic pot. If either pot drops, you're out. Last one standing wins immunity and a one in seven chance at winning this game.


After a couple minutes, Joe drops out. Twenty-five minutes go by and everyone else is still in. I'm pretty sure that, more than the challenge, Probst and his incessant jibber jabber would drive me loopy. While I'm ranting about Probst, Scot and Julia both bow out and Tai starts to slip and eventually drops out. Michele drops out next, leaving Aubry, Cydney and Kyle. Forty-five minutes go by and they're still in it. And as she has many times, just randomly and with no suggestion of struggling, Cydney drops out, leaving Aubry and Kyle to fight it out.

Seventy-five minutes in, both contestants are seriously struggling. Aubry starts to slip, but recovers. All the players that are out are impressed. As we get a close-up of Kyle’s shaky hands, Aubry finally loses the fight and Kyle wins immunity. As we head to break, Kyle is pretty excited that they'll be able to play the super idol tonight and when they do, they'll become unstoppable.

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