Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 10 - I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends

By Jim Van Nest

April 21, 2016

Good riddance.

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We're back from the credits to a Probst Sighting! Wow, this is a quick reward challenge, isn't it? Today's challenge will see everyone putting one foot on the end of a balance beam. On the other end of the beam are two ceramic pots. Your pots fall off, you lose. Last one standing wins. Wanna know what they're playing for? They have a choice. Food in the form of a bacon cheeseburger and cookies. Love in the form of letters from home. Security in the form of an advantage in the game. The twist in this challenge is that you will only compete against the people who want the same thing as you. So, we have Tai, Cydney and Aubry playing for the advantage. Julia and Joe are playing for the letters from home. Scot, Kyle and Michele will all be playing for food.

The challenge starts and within less than a minute, Joe is out of the challenge and Julie wins letters from home, so she is able to sit down and stop the challenge. A few minutes later, Scot wobbles and loses his pots, leaving Kyle and Michele fighting for food. After a few more minutes, Kyle loses it and Michele wins food! The three playing for advantage are still hanging tough. Aubry is very wobbly, while Cydney looks like a rock. Tai is also doing well. And then, just like that - Cydney drops. It's Aubry and Tai for advantage. Let's not forget how long Tai lasted in the last challenge like this. After all this, Jeff breaks it to them - they've only been doing this for 10 minutes. Tai is starting to struggle, as is Aubry, and when the wind picks up, Aubry drops out and Tai wins advantage. As we head to break, Scot is thrilled that Tai won advantage, but mostly that Cydney didn't win anything.


And we're back! It's congratulations all the way around. Michele is feeling pretty stoked that she took out the guys in that challenge. She's also frustrated that Tai came away with an advantage. So Tai steps away to read his clue and it tells him to go to Tree Mail. When he gets there, he finds another note telling him that he has won an extra vote. One that he can use up to the final five. So with an idol and an extra vote, Tai is feeling very nervous about the target that is now on his back.

We come back to camp as Julia is reading her letters. They're giving her a boost to keep going...which is something she could really use right now. She felt really good about it and they have helped her focus on making some moves to get out there and win this game. So, she gets with Michele and Aubry and starts working on trying to flush out idols. She wants to vote for Tai and either he'll go home or he'll play an idol. The guys are voting for Cydney, so even if Tai plays an idol, they stay in the game. Michele is all for it and Aubry says she is, but she can't stop thinking about how close Julia is to the guys. She realizes that Julia may be legit here, but that means she's playing a really good game. A game that's good enough that Aubry doesn't really think she wants to sit next to her. So, she's proceeding with this plan, but is ready to make a move on Julia, if necessary.

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