The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 18, 2016

Frisbee gods.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, our favorite team, Tyler & Korey narrowly escaped elimination… although we suspect the show will give them at least one do-over if needed. Still, they’ve struggled in consecutive legs and narrowly edged Blair & Scott to remain in the competition. Like so many of the teams this season, we really liked the father/daughter tandem, and we’re sad to see them go. Blair’s one of the nicest players we’ve ever seen on a reality show, particularly The Amazing Race. She’s antithetical to the concept of the “ugly American.” We should make her an ambassador to some country.

The other story we’re tracking is the dominance of Team Frisbee. Since the guys are Florida Gators alumni, we hate them (it’s an SEC thing), but while we’ve had our fun with their alleged womanizing, they’ve impressed us. Out of eight legs, they’ve won four, and finished in the top three in every other instance since the opening episode. In that leg, they only placed fifth, we causes us to suspect that they were just too tired from taking some flight attendant to the mile high club. The only bad news for Brodie & Kurt is that the last team this dominant, Justin & Diana, didn’t win their season.

We begin the first leg back in Tblisi, Georgia, with Brodie bemoaning the fact that Blair has been eliminated. He and Kurt hope to win another leg (and another trip) so that he can take her on a vacation/date. It’s actually a fascinating beginning to the leg, because they show us the teams waiting to see who was eliminated, and then Brodie giving Blair a goodbye hug. We’ve never seen that before, and it speaks to how much the show’s producers love the burgeoning romance between Brodie and Blair.


Zach & Rachel are our first team to depart at 10:39 p.m., but they’re flying to Dubai, so teams will obviously be bunched at this point. Presumably, they’ll all be on the same flight. It should have been noteworthy that Tyler & Korey are almost three hours behind the first place team, as they are headed to the Tblisi airport at 1:17 a.m. The luck of location has put them right back into the mix again.

Once in Dubai, teams are driving themselves to their first location. Sheri misses the exit and whines about it, causing her son Cole to complain about her negativity. Is it negative if you really do suck? At least they’re not crying... yet.

Five teams show up at once at the location marked with flags to indicate the clue area. They pick up their Travelocity gnomes and then choose between Detour options of Races or Oasis. For Races, teams will have to ride a bike and race against a camel, which can run at up to 40 MPH. Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s really hot in Dubai. That makes this challenge a somewhat daunting one, especially since both team members must participate.

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