The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 18, 2016

Frisbee gods.

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For oasis, teams will have to lead four camels one mile across the desert to a bedouin camp. Once there, they’ll receive their clue. If anyone has ever seen the stubbornness of camels, they’ll understand the challenges of this task.

Sheri & Cole are still driving around aimlessly, but they have a chance at making up some time because Brodie & Kurt’s car gets stuck in the sand. The guys are actually having to dig their car out in order to move ahead. They’re worried about being in last place (they’re not), but realize can use the Express Pass if need be - especially since they have to use it during either this leg or the next one.

It seems that the roads in Dubai are a bit confusing, because Zach & Rachel miss their turn for the camel racing track. Burnie notes that because of the way the area is constructed, they won’t be able to turn around for several kilometers, costing them valuable time. That means Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey will be first to arrive at the camel races.

While Dana & Matt get started on the Oasis challenge, wondering if calling the camels like dogs will work, we see exactly how fast the camels are over at the Races. As Brodie says, “the camels are smoking them,” and it’s true. Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey are barely even moving before the camels are flying down the track like American Pharoah in a Triple Crown race. Team Rooster Teeth decides to swap to the other task, while Tyler & Korey think they can probably win on a second attempt, now that they know what to expect.


As the newlyweds arrive at the track, Rachel is giving off a pretty bad vibe. She says that she has no confidence in her ability to ride a bike in the heat, and even says she doesn’t like going fast on a bike. Nonetheless, Zach says they’ll try it once before deciding to switch. “Not every challenge is gonna be an easy one,” he says. Just in case you wanted some proof of that statement, we cut over to Burnie & Ashley as they drive to Oasis. Ashley gags and heaves, causing Burnie to ask if he needs to pull over so she can throw up. She claims to be okay, but she sure doesn’t sound like someone who’s okay.

Burnie’s supportiveness stands out in stark contrast to Dana, who is berating Matt for… being too positive. She can’t understand why he’s not struggling in the heat - he’s even wearing a flannel shirt. “You make me sick,” Dana says. Not as sick as Ashley, we presume.

The Frisbee dudes are ready to bro down, and reassert their dominance by beating the camels in a photo finish. Zach & Rachel, however, don’t even come close. She starts out strong but quickly loses steam. Zach suggests they try again, but Rachel reminds him that she is afraid of going fast on a bike. He asks her why she didn’t tell him that earlier, and she says that she did, which is true. He was just so focused on getting them to the challenge location that he wasn’t hearing her.

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