The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 18, 2016

Frisbee gods.

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Tyler & Korey, Burnie & Ashley and Matt & Dana all converge upon the waterpark at the same time. Amusingly, Dana apologizes to her mother for the revealing nature of the bathing suit. It surely wasn’t her choice.

In the first real sign of weakness during the entire course of the Race, Brodie tells Kurt that he sees no way he can solve the puzzle, and they need to use their Express Pass. So, they turn it in and are directed to Poseidon’s Revenge, Atlantis’s new waterslide. It’s one of those high slides that drops the bottom out from under you and sends you hurtling to the bottom at 60 MPH. Easy, right?

Sheri & Cole are lost again. “I don’t even know if we’re in Dubai anymore,” says Cole.

When Brodie & Kurt step up to Poseidon’s Revenge, they amusingly send down the Travelocity gnome by himself first. After taking the plunge themselves, they receive a clue that directs them to travel by water taxi to the Pit Stop at Old Souq Station.

Without Express Passes to let them skip the puzzle, teams must figure it out on their own. Burnie gets the idea pretty quickly, sending Team Rooster Teeth on its way to the Pit Stop. Dana and Tyler ask him how he did the puzzle, but he just runs on by.

Sheri & Cole are still lost, but at least they’ve found some nice people to draw a map for them.


Everyone is trying to wrap up the puzzle portion of the Race. Korey solves his, while Dana is frustrated enough with hers that she worries her inability to solve it will send them home. All of the other teams (except Sheri & Cole) have passed the dancers. Speaking of Sheri & Cole, they’ve finally located the waterpark.

Now Brodie & Kurt are lost.

Dana finally solves her puzzle, making it a foregone conclusion that Sheri & Cole will finish in last place this leg. We’d say they might have hope because other teams could get lost, but who are we kidding? If there’s potential to get lost in Dubai, it’s going to be Sheri & Cole.

The road difficulties of Brodie & Kurt allow Burnie & Ashley to catch up to them, making it a footrace to the finish. The guys win, and Brodie will get to take Blair on a dream date to Helsinki, Finland. Team Rooster Teeth is second, and then Tyler & Korey take third. There’s a lot of jubilation after the plunge down Poseidon’s Revenge.

Dana is convinced that she and Matt are in last place, and she yells at him constantly when he asks her to help with directions. She says, “I really think something is mentally wrong with you.” He suggests that they stop and ask for help, and she loses her mind. We just don’t understand why she gets so unhinged with him. He tries to have a conversation with her, which only makes it worse. She pouts as he gets out to ask for help, and admits in confessional that she comes from a family of screamers, which impacts how she deals with conflict. Matt asks her to work with him, but she refuses. Matt notes that he usually just lets her work it out and the tantrum will pass.

Sheri & Cole have finished the plunge and are now on their way to the Pit Stop, while Zach & Rachel are checked in as team number four. Later, Dana & Matt take fifth place, which causes Dana to do a bit of soul searching about her treatment of him.

That means the mother/son team are last to arrive, so bring on the waterworks. Actually, they’re good when Phil tells them about the last place status, because they knew exactly where they were throughout the leg. However, when he informs them that this is a non-elimination leg, then they start crying.

We sort of hate it when non-elimination legs are used for teams that finish so far behind, but these two are nice enough, so it’s good to see they’ll still be hanging around for at least another leg.

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