Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - It's Psychological Warfare

By Jim Van Nest

April 19, 2016

One of her many professions.

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Back from commercial and I have no idea who might be going home now. Sure, Debbie wants one of the guys, but they have two idols between them. She lays it out for everyone. She wants to split the vote between Scot and Tai. Of course, she says this in front of Julia. Naturally, Julia goes right to the guys and tells them the plan. They decide that their target is Cydney. Scot lays it out, if Julia is with them, Cydney goes home. If not, they have idols and Cydney goes home. The next thing we see is Cydney talking to Aubry about Debbie doing all that talking in front of Julia. Aubry suggests that maybe they should cut Debbie loose. Cydney says, "You know what? I'm not against it." They decide to get Michele and Joe on board for this vote. Michele is down. She's ready for Debbie to go, too. Joe, on the other hand, wants no part of it. Joe doesn't like to switch votes. He flat out refuses to vote for Debbie. Cydney decides that they should stick with this plan and try to get Julia on board. Aubry is freaking out about this idea.

Michele and Cydney take Julia aside and fill her in on the plan to vote for Debbie. Once they confirm that Aubry is in, Julia agrees to go with the girls. Julia tells us that she likes being in a place where she can either go with the guys and dump a huge threat in Cydney or she can stick with the girls and dump a wildcard pain in the ass in Debbie.

Tribal Council is pretty much run of the mill for the beginning part. Debbie complaining about missing tools. Jeff asks Julia what the reaction was when she joined the guys for the reward. She says they were fine with it, and Debbie agrees. Again, finger NOT on the pulse of the game. It's pretty standard stuff until Jeff asks about idols. Scot and Kyle break it all down. They show Tai's idol. They also show Kyle's idol. At this point, on the jury, Neal leans in to tell Nick they can join the two idols. What's so great about this entire moment is that Scot is SO excited to be telling all of this stuff that he doesn't seem to notice that the only one not protected IS HIM!!! So, they lay it out. Tai will be playing his idol. And Kyle and Scot will rock, paper, scissors for the other idol. Winner gets the idol. At this point, they don't know where to vote as it's all up in the air. Meanwhile, Aubry wants everyone to go with the "original plan." Screw it, let's vote.


We see no votes cast as everyone files through with a smile on their face. When Jeff asks about playing an idol, Kyle and Scot stand up and play their game. Scot wins - paper covers rock and all. But Kyle doesn't give the idol to Scot, he gives it to Tai. They never intended to play both idols separately. They planned to use the Super Idol, but they had to get both idols in the hands of the same player. What shocks the rest of the group is when Tai takes the second idol and then sits down, refusing to play either one. Wha, huh??

And with that, let's read the votes. First vote: Scot. Cydney. Scot. Cydney. Cydney. Debbie. Debbie. Debbie. And like that, everyone starts to realize that something is afoot. And the eighth person voted out and third member of the jury is Debbie. What's interesting here is that Julia, while flirting with the guys for days, actually doesn't vote with them. But, they're so happy to still be in the game AND to still have two idols; they're all laughs and smiles. Julia managed to pick the side that likely won't hold a grudge against her. The guys look like they'll welcome her right back, or she can stay with the girls. Gotta hand it to our little 18-year-old - she's making some bold moves and everything's coming up Julia right now. I still feel like Aubry's the brains of the outfit, but Julia is the one with choices to be made and she keeps making the right one.

Next time on Survivor: Kyle, Scot and Tai have a Super Idol and they're feeling invincible now. But, as she has been for episodes now, Aubry's out to shake things up and she's going to make a play for Tai. And she's going to do it based on Kyle and Scot not being nice people. This is exactly the play to make and exactly the time to do it. More and more, Aubry is getting the famed "winner's edit." She's basically the main storyteller right now and she's the one doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to strategy. Given that the guys are feeling SO superior right now, I have to think one of them is getting ready to get his comeuppance. Either way, next week promises to be another crazy episode of Survivor. I sure hope you come back and spend it with me. 'Til next time, take care.

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