Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - It's Psychological Warfare

By Jim Van Nest

April 19, 2016

One of her many professions.

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You know, I've been enjoying this season quite a bit actually. I just can't stand horrible strategy and that's what we're seeing right here. I'm not even appalled that he put out the fire. So what? They'll just start another one. It's that the idea is so mind-numbingly bad, I can't stand it.

And here we are for our first Probst sighting! He asks how things are going at camp and Aubry and Debbie proceed to explain what's been going on. He asks Scot about the fire. Scot says that he's the one who always gets the water. They have mangoes because he lifts Tai into the trees to pick them. He wants them to understand what they're doing when they go against the guys. Um, okay. Another solution could be a little more subtle - stop doing those things.

Anyway, today's reward challenge will require the tribe to be split into two four-person teams. They'll all be tied to ropes that are braided together. They'll have to work as a team to unbraid the ropes. Once unbraided, they'll have to use a bunch of sandbags to knock blocks off a platform. The winning team will get a super duper feast of Chinese food back at camp. Really? That's what we've sunk to? Chinese food? The one food on the planet that lasts LESS time in the stomach than the shit they're already eating? Oh well, they think it's worth playing for, so let's pick teams.


Uh oh, wait a minute. No one wants to have the guys on their team. So first, Joe decides to sit out. None of the five girls want to join the guys until Julia finally says she'll do it. This sets off huge red flags for Cydney. Julia tells us that she's fine with working with the guys. It gives her another option. Joe is allowed to pick a team to win - if they win, he'll feast. If not, he won't. He chooses the girls, of course. Okay, with that nonsense out of the way, let's start the challenge.

Actually, it's a pretty boring challenge. The guys and Julia plow through the braided rope and are throwing sandbags and the girls aren't really even close. I think there's a bit of surprise that Julia didn't just sit down and refuse to play, costing the guys the reward. But she busts her ass and they are dominating this challenge. Kyle and Scot have a huge lead on the blocks, but Debbie starts throwing and actually catching up. Maybe one of her former jobs was as a pitcher. Either way, the lead was just too big for the guys and they hold on to win the challenge and the Chinese food. As we head to break, Aubry tells us that she sees through Julia. She knows Julia's trying to get in good with the guys. She's not falling for it.

We come back from camp and the winning team heads off to grab their reward. Kyle's feeling good about Julia joining up with them. They all seem to feel like she can help them stay in the game. Julia tells them that she'd be dumb to get rid of them. She's at the bottom of the other alliance, so she agrees to keep them in the loop about what's going on.

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