Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - It's Psychological Warfare

By Jim Van Nest

April 19, 2016

One of her many professions.

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The rest of the tribe is super concerned about Julia flipping to the guys. Well, everyone except Debbie. She is positive that Julia is with them and will not flip. Probably because Debbie told her who she was in an alliance with and that has to stick, right? I honestly can't tell if Debbie is for real or not. She makes shit up in her own head and then believes it so much that she tries to convince other people it's real. Debbie tells her that they'll wait to see who wins immunity and then decide who to vote for. Cydney, however, isn't falling for any of this. She takes Aubry aside and the two ACTUAL brains of the show decide that Julia has to go. At best, she's playing both sides. At worst, she's already flipped to the guys. Aubry tells us that Julia is playing both sides, and sometimes the guy in the middle of the road gets run over.

We come back from break on night 23. Joe and Tai are the only ones up in the middle of the night. Tai tells us that he didn't like when Scot put out the fire. But, he realizes that if they're going to make the other side uncomfortable, he needs to help. So, he pours water on the fire after Joe goes to sleep. The next morning, the rest of the tribe is upset to find the fire out again. Once again, Aubry has her finger on the pulse of the game. She doesn't see this as a temper tantrum. She sees it as guys who want to get votes. And why would they want to get votes? Because they have idols. Even more of a reason, she feels, to vote for Julia.


Debbie, however, wants Scot gone. She doesn't believe Aubry about the idols, or doesn't care. Oh yeah, and her impeccable read on the situation says Julia is with them. As they talk more, Debbie finally just says, "I'm not voting for Julia." And that, Debbie, is why you're not a good player. And this whole situation shows why Aubry is, by far, the best player out there right now. You can't make a move emotionally at this stage of the game. Use your head and do the smart thing. And right now, the smart thing is to get rid of Julia.

And with that, it's a Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge is a simple one. Set up a row of blocks like dominoes, push them over and ring a gong. On yeah, these blocks are set on a movable beam attached to some obstacles. Bump the obstacle and all the blocks fall and you start over. This challenge actually takes some time. People jump out to leads and them bump them and knock them all down. After a considerable amount of time, Michele, Julia and Debbie are out to massive leads. Michele is the first one to knock her dominoes down. They get about halfway and then fall off the side and don’t hit the gong. Debbie is next to try and hers is worse than Michele's. Kyle is close, but wants to restack them a bit. Once he does, they go almost to the end, but not quite. Debbie tries again and falls short again. Julia finally gets everything lined up and takes her first shot. Disco - Julia wins immunity. And just like that, the streak of Aubry not being able to make her plans happen continues.

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