The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 6

Let the Good Times Roll

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 4, 2016

Gone three weeks and no elimination. This show is maddening.

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When Burnie arrives to start changing the oil, he’s nice enough to offer some advice to Sheri on how to handle the filter. Matt and Zach will do the task for their teams, but are forced to wait until the other teams have completed their oil changes.

At the Pitstop, Brodie & Kurt win the leg and the “all-powerful” Express Pass. They can use it to skip any task before the end of the ninth leg. They do worry that since they already have a target on their back due to frequent domination of the Race thus far, the Express Pass might even put them more in the center of people’s attention. We’re pretty sure they can’t use it any worse than was done last season.

When Blair & Scott arrive, people jokingly hope that Blair will be doing the Roadblock. She says that she struggled with figuring out how to take the gas cap off of her car, so the fact that they choose Scott here is wise.

Burnie completes the task and he and Ashley are off to the Pitstop. Sheri still can’t figure out how to handle the filter. The remaining teams practice while they wait, and Scott tries to give Sheri a bit of advice on what to do. Zach & Rachel are still able to pull out ahead of Sheri, while Matt & Tyler work together with the goal of getting Matt’s car finished so Tyler can take his spot when it’s available. Of course, Scott’s next, so Tyler now also has to help daddy doctor lawyer. Sheri cries and tells Cole that she’s so sorry. Blair gives her a hug, and Sheri apologizes for getting oil on her. Blair says, “I don’t care.” This is a close-knit group.


Second, third and fourth place go to Burnie & Ashley, Zach & Rachel and Matt & Dana. Scott finishes, and stops to help Sheri with the filter. Tyler is going to have to absolutely rush through this thing to get it done. It’s going to be a very close race to the finish - Tyler and Sheri complete the Roadblock at the same time, but the two cars go in the opposite directions. Whichever one is headed the right way is going to be guaranteed to stay in the Race.

And the cab that was pointed in the proper direction is… Tyler & Korey’s. They’re checked in as Team Number Six, and we breathe a sigh of relief. They rationalize that being at the back of the pack this leg will make them seem like less of a threat, but they’re pretty clearly freaked out about the close call.

Sheri & Cole are in tears when they hit the mat, but Phil soon informs them that… they’re still racing. Apparently they’ll be starting the next leg immediately. It’s The Amazing Race’s annoying way of not using a non-elimination but keeping a team in the game.

“Everyone’s probably going to laugh and say that’s why you don’t let blondes change your oil,” says Sheri. At least she and Cole have a sense of humor after going from contenders for the Express Pass to last place.

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