The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 6

Let the Good Times Roll

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 4, 2016

Gone three weeks and no elimination. This show is maddening.

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When teams arrive at the clue box, they learn that an Express Pass is awaiting the winner of this leg, which can be used through the ninth leg of the race. Also, they are informed that they need to pick up their “tickets” at the opera box office. Of course, the window opens at 8 a.m., which means everyone will continue to be bunched together. We suspect that the producers of the show arranged this so that Brodie and Blair would have a chance to cuddle. How long have we been writing reality show recaps? There wasn’t such a term as “Showmance” when we started.

Upon entering the theater, we’re met by Phil, who informs us that the famously frantic song that is playing in the background was composed by Soviet-Armenian Aram Khachaturian. We promise you know it. The piece is known as the “Sabre Dance,” and it comes from the ballet Guyere. While the music plays (probably causing the contestants’ heartbeat to accelerate), they have to search the entire theater for their next clue.

All of the teams are crawling around and looking under the seats, but it’s not long until Brodie & Kurt notice a guy vacuuming. They approach him and ask for the clue, which he happily hands to them. It directs the guys to head to the Cascade, which Phil tells us is made of Armenian stone, has 572 steps and is almost 1,000 feet high. Teams will have to climb all 572 steps to retrieve their next clue. Whew.

Cole & Sheri also manage to figure it out, as does Matt (although we’re sure Dana will tell him how terrible he is later). Burnie & Ashley are also making their way in that direction. We quickly cut to Brodie & Kurt climbing to the top of the Cascade, and if Brodie is bent over holding his thighs in exhaustion, you know it’s going to be tough for a lot of the players.


With the next clue received, we finally have some action with a Detour - Thread or Bread. For Thread, teams will have to complete a row of 200 stitches on an infamous Armenian rug. Teams who choose Lavash will need to make 15 different pieces of Lavash to move forward. The Frisbee bros choose Bread, while Sheri & Cole select Thread.

Back at the Opera House, we still have a few teams wandering around, which means they now are entitled to goofy music! Zach & Rachel find one, leaving Blair & Scott and Tyler & Korey. Eep. “This is like Willy Wonka, looking for the Golden Ticket!” says Blair. When Korey & Tyler eventually figure out that vacuum cleaner man has the clue, Blair sees, so the two teams are bringing up the rear together.

Teams are converging on Bread and Thread. The groups who will be baking Lavash include Brodie & Kurt and Burnie & Ashley. The process isn’t easy, and Burnie is definitely struggling. When the dough goes into the oven pit, it falls down to the ground and gets ruined. In fact, when Brodie & Kurt take their Lavash for final inspection, only six of them are accepted, so they’re sent back to complete nine more “loaves.” Team Rooster Teeth gets eight, which will help them to catch up with the front-runners.

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