The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 6

Let the Good Times Roll

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 4, 2016

Gone three weeks and no elimination. This show is maddening.

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Tonight’s weavers are Sheri & Cole, Dana & Matt, Scott & Blair, Tyler & Korey and Zach & Rachel. The work is incredibly detailed and difficult, and also requires understanding some technique. A lot goes into making an Armenian rug! Blair is highlighted once again as she comments, “I’m never going to let my dog pee on a rug again.”

After going back to bake more lavash, Brodie & Kurt get it all done on their second try. They will now be headed to the first bus stop past Hatsavan, where they’ll discover yet another clue by the side of the road. It appears that they’ll be competing closely with Sheri & Cole, who have finished the laborious rug task.

Tyler mentions that he made a lot of friendship bracelets in college, so he found working on the loom to be quite naturally. “I was literally the Fruit on the Loom,” he says. We’ll forgive the misuse of “literally” since it makes us laugh. Meanwhile, Blair is inspired. She’s thinking about putting together a DIY video when she gets home to help her viewers weave their own rugs. Her positive outlook is consistently refreshing. (We really mean that. She’s delightfully upbeat.)

Zach & Rachel finish the rug task, followed by Tyler & Korey and Blair & Scott. If you’re wondering where the dancers are, they haven’t shown them for a while, but they’re still struggling through the rug weaving. On the plus side, we haven’t heard Dana yelling at Matt, but it’s probably just a matter of time.


Reading the clue, Blair wonders if it’s okay to take a cab to the next location, but it’s quickly pointed out to her that they need to take a bus. And then… the dancers get in a cab to head to Republic Square, which is where the buses are. Everyone follows suit except Tyler & Korey, who are left behind. “It’s all over,” they say. The good news for them is that since the show has been away for three weeks, tonight’s leg is probably a non-elimination. The Amazing Race is jerks.

But there’s a clue to be had, and Brodie & Kurt are first to arrive at the roadside stand where it’s located. It’s a Roadblock that asks the question, “Who’s feeling drained?” With the scenic, 16,945 foot high Mt. Ararat as their backdrop, teams will have to change the oil in a car. After the job has been done properly, they’ll drive the car to the Pitstop (and for one team, an Express Pass). Only two teams can be performing the task at any given time, so we’re going to see some interesting jockeying for position with everyone bunched fairly closely.

Somehow, Tyler & Korey have caught up to Blair & Scott. Sheri & Cole are at the Roadblock, and she joins Kurt of Team Frisbee to perform the task.Curt is having trouble figuring out how to get new oil to flow. Sheri is likewise struggling with the filter. She asks Curt for assistance, but he points out that when an Express Pass is at stake, it simply makes no sense to help her out. He soon finishes the task, and he and Brodie tear into the final instructions for the leg. They’ll be headed to the Temple of Garni, where they should be checked in as Team Number One.

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