Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - The Devils We Know

By Jim Van Nest

March 21, 2016

So long, we hardly knew ye. No, really.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Jungle Triage - I mean, Survivor Kaoh Rong. When last we spoke, we were still drying tears over the loss of Caleb and still fuming mad over the bullying and eventual ouster of Alecia. In all honestly, I was more annoyed with the fact that they had one challenge that almost took one-fifth of the remaining cast away in choppers.

Scot and Kyle were pretty despicable to Alecia, but let's not rewrite history; we ALL wanted Alecia to be voted out in Episode 1 and 2. She annoyed the crap out of us. It doesn't excuse bully-ish behavior, but c'mon, we're not even living with her and we could kinda understand. Anyway, the loss of Caleb looms over the Beauty Tribe tonight as previews promise the dreaded tribe swap. They never change up tribes when it would force the tribes to be uneven, so I'm curious about how they're going to do this swap. Maybe someone else goes home before we "drop our buffs." I don't know, but I sure am ready to find out. Let's get to it...

The episode begins the next morning and we start with the Brains. Um, wow! So, the vote and Tribal were boring enough - can you imagine how boring it must have been back at Brawn Camp after Tribal as we don't even get one scene of them returning to camp? Egads. Anyway, so we start with the Brains and apparently the doctor is in. Peter is helping Joe with a really nasty cut on his finger. He tells us that he absolutely hates being on the bottom and has gone into doctor mode in hopes of getting back in with the tribe long enough to make a merge or swap where he can take them all out. Neil tells us that the tribe is still strongly united against Peter. He also mentions that there is an idol out there and he very badly wants to keep it out of Peter's hands.


Cut to Neil looking for the idol. He's checking all the weird looking trees and eventually finds the first clue. Of course, that leads him to the locked box and he goes off in search of the idol key hidden high up in the trees. After searching for a little while, he finally finds the key. A few moments later, he has his pole and tool ready and out pops the key and with it, the Brains idol. He is stoked about the thought of a super idol, so his plan is to find another one or find the person who has the other one.

Whoa, for the second week in a row, before the credits roll, we get a Probst Sighting! Jeff is standing next to a table and there is no challenge set up. This can mean only one thing. "Drop your buffs. We're switching things up." Cue the credits.

We come back from break and Jeff explains that the plan was to swap at 14, but Caleb's evacuation has left them with an uneven number. So, he has a tray that has 13 buffs. Six Blue, six Yellow, one Red. The person that draws the red buff will go back to Brawn Beach alone and will be immune from the next vote. The other two tribes will battle in an immunity challenge, with the loser going to Tribal Council. Once someone is voted off that tribe, the person at Brawn Beach will join them as the sixth member of their tribe. So, on one hand, they're immune from the next vote and that's cool...on the other hand, they're all alone on a beach to fend for themselves and NOT making any bonds with their new tribe mates. Sounds like a raw deal to me. Anyway, everyone draws their buffs and when all is said and done, it breaks out like this:

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