Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - The Devils We Know

By Jim Van Nest

March 21, 2016

So long, we hardly knew ye. No, really.

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Nick and Kyle get to the net first and start untying. Scot and Aubry are right behind. Scot manages to get the knots untied first and he begins to drag the pieces back to beach. Aubry really isn't doing much here. Kyle and Nick are right behind, though Scot is actually pulling away from them. Scot and Aubry get back first and Joe and Tai start working on untying the pieces. Michele and Cydney start untying for their tribe and they actually get done first and head off to the puzzle.

Tai and Joe catch up to them and both tribes basically start the puzzle at the same time. Debbie and Neil against Peter and Anna and it's neck and neck for a little while. But all of a sudden, Debbie and Neil start to pull away and when it's all said and done, it turned out to not really be close and Chanloh (Blue) wins immunity!! As we head back to camp, Anna tells us that she figures the vote will be either her or Tai.

And with that in mind, when we come back from break, it's time to play, "It's anyone but Anna or Tai!" Tai lets us know that they're coming for him and Anna. He says he has an idol and he can save himself tonight. He really wants to keep it, but is afraid of being voted out without using it. The Brains get together to figure things out. Aubry feels strongly that Tai should go. Peter is pushing for Anna. Joe kinda pushes Peter off and tells him he'll let him know what he and Aubry decide. Joe also wants to get rid of Anna, saying that Tai is too important to the tribe in the provider role. Aubry doesn't agree with him but tells him that he can make the call and she'll vote with him either way.


After sitting around camp for a while, Tai is really getting bugged by Peter and tells us that he could easily play his idol tonight and get rid of Peter. So, he gets Scot and Anna alone and pitches the idea of voting for Peter tonight. He goes so far as to tell them both that he has the hidden idol, so, if they're on board, they can make this happen tonight. Anna practically jumps out of her skin and Scot even seems to think this is a pretty good idea. Tai shows them the idol to prove it and they lock it in. Peter is the target of this newfound alliance.

Just a couple minutes later, Aubry comes over to let Scot know that the vote is for Anna tonight. He just nods his head and now he knows where Tai needs to throw his idol tonight. However, Scot starts thinking, if Tai sticks around and keeps his idol, that makes Scot the only person to know when two different idols are and puts him in a really good position for later in the game, should he need to unite a couple people to create the Super Idol. He tells us that it might be better for him, to go ahead and help vote Anna out and move forward that way.

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