Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - The Devils We Know

By Jim Van Nest

March 21, 2016

So long, we hardly knew ye. No, really.

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Cydney, oddly enough, is eating this up. She says she really likes Debbie and she's like a mother figure out there and she feels like she can trust her. She also tells us her secret weapon is the fact that she graduated from Penn, a very prestigious Ivy League school (for anyone who didn't know), so she's a lot smarter than she lets on. And that is calculated. She feels that she can hide behind the "dumb jock" persona and no one will see her coming.

Debbie has decided that now that she has Cydney, she only needs to lock in Kyle, so she goes to him next. She tells him how much she likes Cydney and that she would love to take out a Beauty, should they lose, to show them how it feels to be voted out. If we're to believe her, she has now secured both Cyd and Kyle and is the mastermind running the whole game and no one will see her coming.

We come back from commercials to check in with Gondol. Tai is helping everyone find the best coconut meat and Scot just loves the guy. He says Tai knows how to do everything and is so gracious. They head out to go get some mangoes. Scot boosts him up in the trees and Tai gets all the mangoes. Scot tells us that he has a man-crush on Tai right now and considers him the most important member of the tribe.

Anna and Aubry are getting to know each other and Anna tells us that she knows the Beauties are in trouble. So, she decides her best bet is to throw Tai under the bus. She tells basically everyone that Tai has been looking for idols and that he's not very trusted. Anything to get the target off her back and onto his.


Back over at Chanloh (that's the Blue tribe), Nick tells us how much he loves the new tribe setup. He just needs to get one of the other pairs to join him and Michele and they can take over this tribe. So, like Debbie, Nick targets the Brawn. He wants Kyle and Cydney to join them. Kyle is loving the spot he and Cyd are in. Both sides are coming to them trying to make alliances and they're kinda holding all the power right now.

Finally, we check in with Julia over at Brawn Beach. She's pretty miserable. She doesn't have a fire, isn't drinking any water and is very dehydrated. She keeps trying to make a fire but is having no luck. Finally, she just gets back in the shelter and lies down. She tells us that she has not told everyone that she's only 18 years old. And as she sits there by herself, all she can think about is what's going on at the other camps and she just gets more and more paranoid.

We come back from break to our second Probst Sighting! Today's challenge looks to be another tough one. Two people will run out into the water and work on untying a big fishing net. Attached to that net are 14 fish puzzle pieces. All in all, these pieces weigh over 100 pounds. Once they get the net to shore, two more tribe members will untie the pieces from the net and put them on some hooks and carry them up to the puzzle board. There, the remaining two tribe members will put together a two level fish puzzle. First tribe to finish its puzzle wins immunity.

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