Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 4 - Circle of Life

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2016

Don't crown yourself before you ascend.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to week three of Survivor Kaoh Rong - Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn. Last week we saw the single most epic meltdown in the history of Survivor (yes, I'm including Brandon Hantz.) Never have we seen someone in a really good position in the game completely self-destruct and essentially vote herself out of the game. But Jenny managed to pull that off last week as Kyle, Cydney and Alecia got together and sent the tough contractor packing for the pre-merge trip. We've spent a whole lot of time with Brawn over two episodes, but there is some intrigue in the other camps as well. Brains are splitting up along age lines - with Joseph and Liz taking point on their respective sides. And over at Beauty, we have the odd couple bro-mance between Tai and Caleb PLUS; Tai has an idol clue, but no way to retrieve the easily seen idol some 30 feet above his head in a tree.

Previews for tonight's episode suggest more fighting with the brains while someone in Brawn finds an idol clue and the entire tribe goes nuts trying to find it. I do have to wonder if there's any chance Brawn cannot lose a challenge tonight. I'm actually feeling another loss for them, but I have been wrong before. I've already typed too much, let's get to the episode!

We begin tonight's episode at the Brawn camp after Tribal. Again. Scot goes right to Alecia to let her know that he was the second vote against her. He says that he knew the votes were there for Jenny and he told her he'd never write her name down. Reasonable enough. But Alecia doesn't like it, which gets her saying to Cydney that maybe the millionaire basketball player doesn't really need to be in the game anymore. Scot tells Cydney and Kyle that he really thinks they made a bad decision sending Jenny home. He's worried that they'll never win a challenge.


Let's check in with Beauty. Tai heads out to finally get his idol. But when he gets to the tree, he can't find the tool he was given to get it, so he's rigging a new one. After some work, he finally gets his 30 foot long stick into the container to push a note and key out and down to the ground. This key will unlock the idol and voila, Tai Trang has the first idol of this season. But this one comes with a twist. If he can find the second idol, they will fit together to form a #superidol that can be used after the votes have been read. As Tai revels in his discovery, we cue the credits.

We come back from break to check in on the Brains tribe. Peter and Liz are looking down on all they survey and have decided that they are in control of the game. They hatch a plan to use Joseph and Debbie to help get rid of Aubry and Neal, whom they've decided are threats. Meanwhile, Debbie doesn't like Liz. Period. She wants to get Aubry and Neal to join her and Joe to take Liz out. Aubry and Neal both seem receptive to this, so we may actually have our first solid alliance on the Brain tribe. And oh, by the way, Debbie is certifiably and completely bat shit crazy. Okay, moving on.

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