Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 4 - Circle of Life

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2016

Don't crown yourself before you ascend.

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Back at Beauty, we're preparing to eat chicken. Caleb's ready to kill a chicken, but Tai is a bit upset about it. Tai understands what they have to do, the circle of life and all, but when he helps hold the chicken while Caleb kills it, he is really hit hard. The girls feel bad for Tai, while Nick thinks it's silly. Anna doesn't really care for Nick and she doesn't trust him. The girls are strong and they only need one person to come with them to take control of the tribe. She decides it should be Caleb, so she goes to talk to him about voting off Nick if they have to go to Tribal. Caleb is down with voting out anyone that isn't Caleb, so he agrees to join forces with the girls and Nick is now public enemy number one.

Let's check back in with Brawn. Scot is looking everywhere for an idol and he tells us that he just can't let Alecia find the idol. Two seconds later, Alecia finds the clue to the idol. And while she and Cydney start digging, Kyle is behind them and watches them start to dig. After digging for a while, Alecia decides to look elsewhere, as she isn't finding anything. But Cydney has found the idol box and the tool. But she seems to have missed the note that came with the tool explaining how to get the key to unlock the idol box.


Alecia comes back to Cydney which causes her to frantically try to cover up the box. Amazingly enough, she manages to do it, but only because Alecia ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. So, everyone is back at camp now and still no one has grabbed that clue. Back at camp, Cydney tells the guys what happened. Since Kyle saw them, she feels like she has to tell him. So, off everyone goes to find the idol. In a foot race, Kyle finds the clue that Cydney missed and he's off to find the key in the tree. While he and Scot make their own tool to get the key, Alecia comes up on them and they all just stand there while Scot pushes the key out. It's a scramble and Kyle comes up with the key. As a group they go unlock the box and Kyle is now the sole possessor of the Brawn idol. This is okay with Scot, because it means that Alecia will still be the next to go.

And after this set of commercials, it's a Probst Sighting! Today's challenge is another obstacle course. They'll jump in the water and dig some bags of rice out of a boat. They'll carry the rice through some obstacles and then cut them open to find three balls. They'll then have to maneuver the balls through a vertical labyrinth. First tribe to get all three balls to the top wins immunity and reward. The tribe that finishes first will get to choose between comfort items or personal items from home. Second place gets the other option. Third place - a date with Jeff at Tribal. Anna and Michelle sit out for Beauty and Joe and Aubry sit out for Brains.

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