Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 4 - Circle of Life

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2016

Don't crown yourself before you ascend.

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From the opening gun, Beauty just takes over this challenge. These bags of rice are frickin heavy and Caleb makes it look easy. Beauty is easily first back to get their balls, followed by Brains with Brawn lagging behind. Julia, Tai and Caleb make quick work of the maze and easily win first place. Brawn has caught up and is now neck and neck with Brains. Each tribe has two balls in and Debbie and Cydney are working the balls for their respective tribe. They stay right together the whole way through and are both trying to place the ball and by a split second, Cydney gets her ball in and Brains will go to Tribal for the first time. And also for the first time, Brawn gets to feel the thrill of victory. Almost in an afterthought, Beauty takes the comfort items, leaving Brawn to take their personal items back to camp. As we head to break, Peter fills us all in on how gangster he and Liz are gonna be, starting with Neal. Um, might want to pay a little attention when you get back to camp.

Obviously, we return to the Brains camp. Liz lays out the plan of how they'll be voting for Aubry while Joe and Debbie will vote for Neal. She has made it SO easy that even Debbie and Joe can't screw it up. Of course, Debbie has no plan of working with Peter and Liz. Debbie runs right to Neal to tell him what their plan is. And Peter and Liz are so delightfully oblivious to what is really going on around camp, meanwhile thinking that they are completely running the game. Aubry, however, is having some other thoughts. Debbie wants Liz gone, but Aubry is feeling like Peter is really the person to go. He's a bully and he talks down to people and she doesn't really want to take him any farther than they absolutely have to. We head to Tribal with the vote totally up in the air between Peter and Liz. One thing's for sure, though, they have NO idea what's coming for them.

We get to Tribal and everyone lights their torch and Jeff asks about how the tribe is broken down. Peter says that they are basically three pairs who are all trying to analyze the game and decide what the best way to go is. I don't know how to describe the Tribal other than to say it was like watching a multi car accident on the highway, but in super slow-mo. Essentially what we have is one super smug pair feeling that they're in control and that they are very much smarter than everyone else in the game. And you have two other pairs that have hatched a plan of their own and can hardly contain their laughter as the clueless wonders just dig themselves deeper and deeper.


Peter is leading the charge of stupid by calling out Neal as the least likely to remain loyal to the tribe. He also talks about how he knows Joe is truthful and that when he says he'll do something, he'll do it. Liz talks about how everyone should sure be thinking that they could be the ones going home. Hell, Peter even lays out the plan to split the vote and then take out Neal. Again, you can see the wreck coming from miles away and there is simply nothing to be done. So, it's time to vote and the votes come up: Aubry, Aubry, Peter, Peter, Liz and Liz. Essentially, the other four took Peter and Liz's plan and used it against them. So, we'll have a revote. Aubry, Peter and Liz will not vote. The others can only vote for one of them.

And when Probst comes back with the urn, all three votes this time are for Liz and she becomes the third person voted off Survivor Kaoh Rong. And there it is, the final collision, as even though everyone could see it coming for miles, that wreck was destined to happen. Now, I can only assume they'll get back to camp and someone can lay it out for Peter, "You were kept for one reason and one reason alone. To win challenges. So you damn well better start winning, of your ass is next." Overall, I hate to see Liz go because I picked her to go far in the game. But when you get SO arrogant and SO cocky, the fall will get you and it will get you hard and she deserved exactly what she got for treating people like shit and then expecting them to want to work with her.

Next time on Survivor, the toughest season of Survivor just keeps getting tougher. During a grueling challenge, the medical team is called in and we're going to have an evacuation. The only thing they really show is that Tai has a very strong reaction to whoever is down. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I hope to hell it isn't Caleb. He has turned out to be such a hoss in this game that for him to go out med-evac'd would be the worst. Can't wait to see what happens. 'Til then, kiddies, take care!

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