The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 1

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 19, 2016

Off to the Races.

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Brodie & Kurt win the award for the least interesting team. They make Frisbee trick shot videos. We’re going to boldly speculate that they need the prize money more than anyone else. They do have a lot of Ultimate Frisbee medals, though. We’re just going to leave this comment right here: “We deal with hot chicks all the time because we’re Frisbee guys.” Fill that One Direction void, fellas.

Wait a second. We know half of Burnie & Ashley! He’s one of the creators of Red vs. Blue, the long-running Halo web series. We even own some of his videos on Amazon Video, which makes us real fans. Ashley appears to be the woman he started dating after he got rich and famous enough to leave his ordinary life behind. Actually, that’s really pretty cruel, because they seem extremely comfortable together.

Brittany & Jessica are proudly InstaFamous. Their income stems from fashion designers mailing them sexy clothing, which they wear in photos on their feed. This is a good time to mention that the world has changed a great deal since Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook.

The final two teams don’t receive the same attention as the other competitors. We don’t know if it means they’re less famous, or that they’re going to last longer in the Race so there’s no need to focus on them yet. Darius & Cameron get virtually no screen time at the start and their videos are all over the place. Still, they have a Barack Obama video that is absolutely hilarious and easily the (non-Red vs. Blue) video we enjoy the most.


Marty & Hagan are a mother/daughter team, and it’s the mother who is the “celebrity.” She has a funny Southwest flight attendant video that went viral. Of all the teams, they feel the most “forced” as far as their presence. We almost wonder if they were a backup team after a more famous pair had to drop out due to time conflicts.

Some of the teams have stars in their eyes when they meet each other, so there is clearly some level of celebrity for at least a few of the teams. It seems pretty clear that Rooster Teeth/Red vs. Blue’s Burnie is going to get hounded for autographs as he’s recognized at airports. To wit, a nice young man in an Illinois State University sweatshirt (go Redbirds!) approaches him as they depart for Mexico City.

Since the race has technically begun, it’s first come, first serve at the clue box. To wit, Brittany & Jessica choose to hug Phil rather than grab instructions for the next round. While they celebrate by grabbing Phil in places they really shouldn’t show on television, Frisbee Rock Stars Brodie & Kurt head directly to the clue box instead, earning them first place. The women are second and not that bothered by the turn of events. They got their handful of Phil, after all. The order of the other teams is: Marty & Hagan in third, Erin & Joslyn in fourth, Burnie & Ashley in fifth, Dana & Matt in sixth, Darius & Cameron in seventh, Tyler & Korey in eighth, Scott & Blair in ninth, Zach & Rachel in 10th, and Sheri & Cole aka The Crybabies in last place.

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