The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 9 Recap

It's Always the Quiet Ones

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 23, 2015

They've had that face a lot up until their elimination.

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Tanner asks if anyone plans to U-Turn them, and the response is initially silence. Then, Diana speaks up and says she really doesn’t think that she and Justin will. The other teams then mumble something about not doing it either, but it lacks sincerity. Joey even admits he probably doesn’t mean it.

Even with Diana’s seeming advantage, the teams are pretty even. They spread their freshly laundered saris on the sand (“I don’t know how this is clean,” Diana says).

Joey is done first, and the next clue sends teams to Hanuman Temple, where they will receive a blessing and yet another clue. Chris and Diana are right behind him.

With those teams gone, Tanner has returned to allow Josh to do his part of the Roadblock. Once again, Tanner and Tiffany discuss U-Turning #TheGreenTeam, figuring that every team will want to do that. Of course, they’ve got to beat Justin & Diana first, don’t they?

Having received her blessing, Kelsey claims to be moved, not that you can see it in her expression. Their next instructions indicate that it’s already time for the Detour, which gives them the choice of Cans or Candy.

For Cans, teams have to load a cargo bike with 120 oilcans and then navigate the busy (treacherous?) streets to deliver them to an oil company. For Candy, they will wash and cut 90 pound white pumpkins to make a type of Indian candy. They’ll have to deliver two full batches to a confectioner before they receive their next clue.

Kelsey & Joey and Justin & Diana choose Cans, while Logan & Chris go with Candy. Back at the Roadblock, Denise and Krista have finished, while Josh is just now getting started. Tanner looks understandably discouraged. (It’s really kind of cruel of The Amazing Race to string them along like this if they’re just going to make the Speed Bump so tough. Why not just eliminate them last leg?)

Unfortunately for #TheReporters, their Tuk-Tuk took them to the wrong place, so guess who’s about to be out in the lead again? If you didn’t guess #TheGreenTeam, you obviously haven’t been watching the Race this season. Or reading our recaps. Why are you hear exactly?


Logan & Chris fight as they begin the Candy challenge, and #TheCheerleaders have arrived on the scene and will be headed to the pumpkin area themselves. Denise & James Earl will also join them.

By the time Kelsey & Joey get to the Can area, Justin & Diana are pretty much done stacking their cans and about to leave to deliver them.

Back at Candy, #TheCheerleaders and #TeamAlabama are working nicely together, while Logan & Chris continue their hateful ways. There’s a lot of back and forth that goes something like, “You’re stupid, stupid!”

“No, you’re stupid!”

“Shut up.”

“No, you shut up!”

“Chris, just keep my name out of your mouth.” (This one really happened.)

You just know that friends and family are watching them on the show and saying, “See? I told you that they’re toxic together!”

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