The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 9 Recap

It's Always the Quiet Ones

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 23, 2015

They've had that face a lot up until their elimination.

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At the train station, Chris tries to bully Justin & Diana into U-Turning #TeamTexas, but #TheGreenTeam isn’t biting. The guys are at the bottom of the heap, they reason, so there’s no reason to waste a U-Turn on them. “Why wouldn’t you make sure?” Chris asks with a whine.

Justin, offering a little bit of Amazing Race 101, tells him, “You should get rid of people who are trying to get rid of you guys.”

“I don’t really know why someone would U-Turn us. We’re not that big of a risk,” says Chris. (This is absolutely true.)

“Being a threat is not the only reason to U-Turn somebody,” Justin replies in an astute bit of game analysis.

It is at this moment that Justin & Diana realize that everything hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows with them and the other contestants. Logan lets it slip that #TheCheerleaders already used up their U-Turn on… Justin & Diana. This is news to them. Since they know that the girls are closely aligned with #TeamTexas, it doesn’t take many leaps of logic to know who engineered the plan. “Don’t tell them we told you,” Logan says.


When Justin & Diana inevitably ask Tiffany & Krista about it, the girls deny it. Pretty sure Justin isn’t buying it, though.

Remember not so long ago when Justin said, “Being a threat is not the only reason to U-Turn somebody?” Well, Krista gets confrontational with #ThePaparazzi, acting all indignant that they said she did that thing she totally did. The girls may not have a U-Turn available to them, but their allies do. Justin & Diana have just ensured that the target has moved to someone else in the unlikely event #TheCheerleaders and #TeamTexas do get ahead of them.

After disembarking from the train, the teams are all now on what appears to be the most dangerous Tuk-Tuk ride you can possibly imagine. There are many near accidents during the various trips.

At the river, the Roadblock asks, “Who’s ready for laundry day?” Phil tells us that India has the largest outdoor laundries in the world. Players will get a bicycle with a basket full of laundry. They’ll haul it over to a washtub, where they’ll learn the proper way to wash it. Once they’ve washed it and laid out all their laundry to dry properly, they’ll be handed their next clue.

Krista, Chris, Denise are first on the scene, and the cheerleader hops on her bike and immediately wrecks it. We also learn that as their Speed Bump, Tanner & Josh will both have to perform the task – presumably not at the same time.

Because there’s a ton of sand, the bikes require more pushing than riding. Teams do eventually arrive at the actual laundry area, though, and quickly learn that the washing process is very specific. Everything must be washed and folded in a particular way. Diana picks up on it immediately (surprise!). No one else does (no surprise!).

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