Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 3 - We Got A Rat

By Jim Van Nest

October 12, 2015

All this has happened before and will happen again.

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With eyes on the hidden idol, the challenge begins. The idol is stuck on the third of the three chests. Setting this up, Jeremy has set himself up as the guy to unlock the locks on the chests. Ta Keo, by the way, has all three chests...the other tribes only two. As Bayon gets to the third key and chest, Jeremy takes his spot at the chest, grabs the idol and then receives the key to unlock the chest. Doesn't skip a beat, and no one sees him at all.

By now, Bayon has taken the lead on Angkor with Ta Keo still way out in front. Ta Keo is the first to take apart their cart, get it through the obstacle and put it back together. They are first to the puzzle portion of the challenge. The other tribes are now neck and neck. Joe and Kass take the puzzle for Ta Keo. Peih-Gee and Tasha start their puzzle at the same time as Spencer and Monica. Kass and Joe are killing it; I see no way that Ta Keo can lose at this point. Angkor and Bayon are still neck and neck when Jeremy takes over for Monica to work with Spencer. And here is where they start to make their move. Angkor is falling behind. As they struggle, Ta Keo places their last piece and they win immunity. Bayon is now on their third section of the puzzle with a slight lead on Angkor. Bayon is down to five pieces, while Angkor still has 10.

Despite a great effort from Woo for Angkor, the lead was just too big and Bayon wins immunity, sending the new Angkor tribe to Tribal Council. Normally, this is where Jeff would send everyone back to camp, but Varner seems to have an agenda before they go. He is trying to mouth a message to Wiglesworth over at Bayon. We watched this back several times and the best I can come up with is that he told her to go to "Kimmi and Monica."


Couple things here. First, whichever camera person noticed Varner and zoomed in on him as he mouthed his message, that's quality right there. Second, why would he say anything to her when her tribe isn't going to Tribal? That was so dumb for a guy who'd been playing such a strong game up to this point. Unfortunately for Jeff, the camera person wasn't the only one to see him, Tasha notices and quickly puts her arms up and gets between him and Wiglesworth, exclaiming, "We got a rat." Knowing he's busted, you can see the concern come over Varner's face as Jeff takes to the task at hand of handing out a couple immunity idols.

Of course, Probst has to ask what happened. Varner tries to do damage control but he only makes it worse. He points out that everyone is trying to make deals and points them out. Woo notices that, like always, he's the last to know about anything and Varner seems to be doing it again. And faster than Mike Holloway can decide not to take a letter from home, Jeff Varner went from being large and in charge to the most likely to be booted tonight. Wow. You never can predict when a front-runner will completely blow up their own game. Amazing!

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