Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 3 - We Got A Rat

By Jim Van Nest

October 12, 2015

All this has happened before and will happen again.

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The next conversation we see is Savage, Tasha and Varner. Andrew talks about how he really wants to make the jury this time, since he just missed it his first time around. So Tasha is talking numbers with Jeff. She mentions the divide on the other tribes and if they lose, she can guarantee that the Ta Keo people will be going home. She says if that starts happening, Jeff is going to need them if he wants to stay in the game after the merge. Jeff tells us that Savage and Tasha are offering him the jury and frankly, he's not that impressed with that offer. He wants to yell at them that they're on the bottom and are in no place to be promising anyone anything. He goes on to say that he's watching them running up and down the beach and he's worried that they may get to Abi-Maria or Peih-Gee, so he needs to do whatever it takes to keep them intact.

We come back from break to one of the most amazing sunset shots I've ever seen - beautiful colors and a lone tree shadowed against that incredible sky. Only Bayon could have a view that amazing. Stephen is talking about the numbers advantage that they have, but he's worried about the idol. He says as much to Jeremy. He tells us that his concern about the idol is that one of the minority could find it. He seems to truly see the idol as a community property now and if anyone in his group of four could find it, he's good with that. He feels it could be a great bonding item for his new alliance.


So, the Bayon 4 head out to try to find an idol. We get several shots of everyone looking around, scanning everywhere - in every funny looking tree, under every weird looking rock and in anything that looks like it could be a good idol hiding spot. Jeremy lays out the frustration of looking for the idol. He has no idea where it is and is starting to wonder if it exists at all. As an aside, I love Jeremy as a storyteller. He's very emotional and everything he says has such power behind it. He's a great mouthpiece for the season. Despite the fact that they are searching as a group, no one is around when Jeremy unearths the package that they've all been searching for. He tells us that he's been waiting two seasons to find this thing and that, of course, it's not an idol. It's a clue to the idol. And all he has to do is wait until 18 people are around him and he can grab it at the next challenge. But he's gonna make it work and bring that idol home.

And with that, we have an Immunity Idol AND a Probst Sighting!! I really do appreciate the way they are highlighting the location of the idols at these challenges so that we, as an audience, can keep an eye on them. So Jeff brings them all in, shows off the second immunity idol and explains the challenge. The tribes will push/pull a cart through an obstacle course collecting three big chests of puzzle pieces. Once they have all three chests, they'll need to disassemble the cart to get it through another obstacle. On the other side, they'll put it back together, take it over a rough course and then finally, two people will be able to work on the puzzle. First two tribes to complete their puzzle win immunity. He then lets us know that this was the first challenge on the Cagayan season and that the Brains tribe (Kass, Spencer and Tasha) all failed miserably on it. Since they are all split up now, he says that two of them will get their redemption on it. One, unfortunately, will not.

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