Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 3 - We Got A Rat

By Jim Van Nest

October 12, 2015

All this has happened before and will happen again.

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We come back from break to the new Angkor beach. Everyone is a little dejected as they get to the beach. They do see flint, so they're happy about that. But they have no food and a quick search of the area shows very little bamboo. Like the swap wasn't bad enough, they get another crotch kick when they get to their new home. I have to say, I'm not all too thrilled about the execution of this twist. I like the tribe expansion; I think that's really awesome. But it's not fair at all to these six people who have to start from scratch and, oh by the way, have no food or building materials to work with. How can they be expected to be even remotely competitive at any challenge? Anyway, as everyone starts to split off to see what they can find to set up a camp, Varner complains a little about Andrew. Woo takes this time to state the obvious; they're 4-2 in this tribe. So, please can't we just stay together and vote those two out. It's really simple. Right? RIGHT?? Peih-Gee tells us that the new camp basically sucks and the only good thing about it is that they have the numbers.

Speaking of the numbers, where are Savage and Tasha anyway? We join these two in the jungle and Tasha is laying it out. Someone on that tribe had to be on the outs; they just need to figure out who it is. She feels that she is equipped to come out of this situation ok, it'll just take some work.


We check in with the new Ta Keo tribe for the first time. Baby Monkey Sighting!!! Even better than a Probst sighting. That damn thing is so cute, I want to take him home with me and name him Abu. Sorry, got off track. Everyone hugs and introduces and stuff and Joe and Terry bro-down over how they'll never lose. Terry is SO stoked about his new tribe. Sure, he's down 4-2 right now but he really doesn’t see them ever losing a challenge, so let's party! And party they shall. They're going to have chicken for dinner. No, Joe, no! There it goes. Joe just loves to kill and cook a chicken.

We overhear a conversation between Kass and Ciera talking about how amazing their new tribe is. They both feel good about Keith and Joe and they're thrilled that the got the two strongest Ta Keo members in Terry and Kelley. Ciera tells us she feels like she hit the jackpot. They shouldn't lose, but even if they do, she is in the 4-2 advantage so everything is coming up aces for Ciera. And while Terry loves the new tribe and excited about it, Kelley is being a bit more practical. She knows she's down 4-2, so she's throwing Terry under the bus as much as humanly possible. When asked about an idol, Kelley says she doesn't know if anyone found it, but that Terry and Spencer spent the most time looking for it. This way, if things go wonky and they actually lose a challenge, she hopes that Terry will be first choice of boot and not her.

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