The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 2 Recap

Get in There and Think Like a Dog

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 5, 2015

Farewell to the seemingly most fun team this season. We're sorry we doomed you.

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Despite the ominous editing, Kelsey & Joey have arrived at the proper location and will now assemble their statue. Alex & Adam knock over a motorcycle, and we hope it’s not like that scene in Every Which Way but Loose.

With Alex & Adam and Jazmine & Danielle completing the cardboard recycling, all teams are now either at or en route to the Tango on the wall. Diana fails on her first try, but it’s right at the beginning and can be put down to slight confusion about how the dance is supposed to proceed. Tanner fails, too, and Justin says that he’s pretty sure he’d be much better at this than everyone else. So humble, that one.

Logan fails on attempt #1, but Diana has succeeded on her second try. Justin cheers her on, and Tanner once again talks about how much he hates the guy. Unbridled enthusiasm for the Race sucks, man! (Also, we suspect Tanner & Josh are bad losers.)

Justin & Diana are directed to a Pit Stop at the Polo Stadium, and they take the cheerleader’s cab as the girls are arriving at the Tango. Needless to say, Tiffany & Krista are thrilled when they learn that the challenge involves dancing. Tanner has a second (and a third) fail, but Logan completes the dance. After four tries, Tanner succeeds, too. Cindy & Rick are out after she finishes in two attempts.

“For a person that doesn’t dance, that must have been really, really hard,” says cheerleader (and dancer) Krista. Cut to #TheCousins, who are clearly not cut out for this challenge. When Jazmine & Danielle arrive at the location, Denise & James Earl take their taxi to the Pit Stop. “You came out of my belly!” Denise shrieks. Ew.

The first team to arrive at the Pit Stop is Justin & Diana, who are obviously thrilled to win a trip to El Jadita in Morocco. Justin does cry a little, if you were wondering.

#ThePaparazzi, #TeamTexas and #TeamAlabama all arrive at the Polo Stadium at the same time, so it will be a foot race for positioning. Denise & James Earl think they’ve got it in the bag, but Phil yells, “Look behind you!” Josh & Tanner have passed them, but at a cost. Tanner has pulled his hamstring. The creepy mother/son take third place, and Logan & Chris are in fourth.


Krista, Kelsey and Jin all finish the dance on their first try. Nice job, guys. Cindy & Rick are checked in at the Pit Stop.

The final two teams are #TheCousins and #TheTrackStars. He’s struggling hard, but finally finishes the task. Jazmine & Danielle are in last, but they’re right behind the cousins as they finish the dance as well. Three teams are looking for taxis – Ernest & Jin, Alex & Adam and Jazmine & Danielle. There’s some real finish line drama in this leg.

All three are in their taxis at about the same time, while back at the Pit Stop Tiffany & Krista are checked in as team number six, followed quickly by Kelsey & Joey.

Ernest & Jin get a little bit lost in the stadium, but all three teams have arrived. It’s definitely a foot race. Jazmine & Danielle are checked in as team number eight (which means there was no penalty for using another team’s cart). Ernest & Jin are next, and they think they’re in last. Phil lets them cry for a minute, but finally gives them the news that they are still in the race.

That means that Alex & Adam are the last team to arrive, and also have been eliminated from the Race. It’s too bad. They were upbeat, fun guys and we were hoping to see a lot of them.

Next time, it looks like the meatheads will keep right on hating Justin, hopefully to their detriment. Their smug cockiness is getting old already.

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