The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 2 Recap

Get in There and Think Like a Dog

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 5, 2015

Farewell to the seemingly most fun team this season. We're sorry we doomed you.

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Immediately, James Earl goes over to the meatheads and gives him the info, obviously angling for Tanner & Josh’s second half Express Pass. #ThePaparazzi happen to be standing there, too, so they’re also writing it down. Naturally, this really annoys Justin, who was the one who figured out the location in the first place. He then demonstrates his weak point, the social game, by going over and busting James Earl’s chops in front of the other teams. So we have two mistakes going here – James Earl’s inability to keep his word and Justin’s need to be in the face of the other players about it. Tanner & Josh, of course, side with James Earl and say that Justin is annoying.

After the teams land, there is the normal jostling for position, but we bet the church isn’t even going to be open anyway. Still, it matters, because the teams have to take a number upon arrival. Justin & Diana will be admitted to the church first, which irritates the meatheads.

A kindly priest hands the Racers their clues, and they’ll now be doing their Detour. They’ll either go with Carteneros or Fletero. Phil describes the rules for Carteneros first. Ten thousand people collect cardboard around the city each day as a way to make their living, and teams must mimic this activity by picking up 100 kilograms of cardboard and turning it in for their next clue. Fletero requires teams to transport a valuable statue to the other side in the truck. While one teammate directs the driver, the other will be bouncing around in the back of the truck. If the statue arrives at the location intact, it must be displayed at a park to receive their next clue. It sounds like Carteneros is the easier one if more labor intensive.


Moments after receiving their instructions, #ThePaparazzi blow up at each other. Chris wants to do the studio challenge, but Logan… well, we’re not sure what’s bothering her. She’s just angry. He agrees to switch to the cardboard recycling option, but she still mutters something under her breath. Anyway, this may be an early indication of some volatility on the part of Logan. We’ll see.

Kelsey & Joey are the only team that chooses to do the statue challenge. Everyone else is headed over to Carteneros. The catch is that there are only eight carts available, so someone is going to be left on the outs.

Since #TheReporters are the only ones to initially choose the statue challenge, let’s follow them for a few minutes. They arrive to choose their statue, which they dismember (really) and throw in the back of a truck. Then, they run to a nearby business to ask for directions to the park. The guy looks at them for a moment and says, “Uh, Google?” We laugh. Hard. Of course, our Racers aren’t equipped with iPhones, so the smart aleck allows them into his shop to use the computer and seek out their location.

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