The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 2 Recap

Get in There and Think Like a Dog

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 5, 2015

Farewell to the seemingly most fun team this season. We're sorry we doomed you.

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There’s a randomness to the cardboard recycling challenge. The teams are running around to different recycling bins and must pull out only the cardboard from each one. Some bins have a lot of cardboard, while some have next to none. Justin & Diana find a cardboard mother lode, and may be close enough to 100 kilograms to be on their way. #TeamTexas squeezes their cart of cardboard past #TheGreenTeam, and Justin & Diana let it happen. Tanner & Josh may have the lead, they say, but they don’t appear to have enough cardboard. Based on how light the load seems to be, that’s probably correct.

Indeed, when Tanner & Josh have their cardboard weighed, it comes in at only 27 kilograms. They’ll have to go back out on the hunt.

Kelsey & Joey have their directions to the park and talk about how important attention to detail is in their jobs, so they’re going to see that carry through on the Race. That feels like some mean foreshadowing by the editors.

As Tanner & Josh are collecting more cardboard, they see Justin & Diana coming. “Weigh this. It’ll slow them down.” Basically, the meatheads weigh about 10 kilograms worth of stuff just to try to keep Justin & Diana from moving on. We… guess that’s a strategy of some kind? It appears that Tanner & Josh are developing an unhealthy obsession with #TheGreenTeam. This kind of vendetta has proven detrimental to teams in the past.

When Justin & Diana’s cardboard is finally weighed, they have 60 pounds (compared to Tanner & Josh’s 37). The other teams are starting to see their carts fill up as well.

Alex & Adam (#TheCousins) are the last team to get a cart, which means that Jazmine & Danielle will have to go back and do the statue challenge. BUT first they’re going to waste some time by wandering over to the truck to see if more carts are in that area.


While Justin & Diana are pulling cardboard from another jackpot bin, a kindly Argentinian shares a drink with Justin. “Mucho gusto, mi amigo,” he tells the man. Tanner & Josh have gotten themselves up to 85 kilograms.

“We’re definitely getting a tetanus shot after this,” says Jin as they dig in a smelly recycling bin.

With 110 pounds, Justin & Diana have finished the challenge. Their clue tells them to proceed to Bartolome Mitre. Justin wishes the meatheads good luck (in a nice way, not an obnoxious one), but we suppose that’s easy for him to do when he’s out in front.

Tanner & Josh are done next, and Jazmine & Danielle see them, asking them where the carts are. The guys tell them that their cart is down the road, and they can use it. We wonder if this will be considered against the rules. There isn’t any wa-wa music, so perhaps not.

Also away from the Detour are Logan & Chris, but Cindy & Rick are struggling with the challenge at only 59 pounds. Justin & Diana arrive for the first Roadblock, which asks, “Who wants to get sideways?” Diana will be up for this challenge, which is to perform the tango…while harnessed so that she’s dancing on a wall. Tanner takes it for their team, but he isn’t sure why. All he knows how to do is the two-step.

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