Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Season Preview

Ta Keo Tribe

By Jim Van Nest

September 22, 2015

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 photo kelly1_zpsebqv9e1q.jpg

Kelly Wigglesworth - Season 1: Borneo - Here she is, everyone. The OS - Original Survivor. It's been 15 years since Kelly Wigglesworth lost her million dollars to Rich Hatch. Kelly had an interesting arc on the very first season of Survivor. First of all, no one...absolutely no one came in with any kind of strategy, save Hatch. Second, Kelly kind of came full circle during that initial game. She jumped on board Rich's idea of an alliance and they absolutely destroyed the Pagong tribe (poor Greg, Colleen, Gervase and Gretchen). She then started to not feel good about the lying and deceit and started to make some other bonds. But she never acted on them, really. She dominated the physical (challenge) portion of the end game, winning four challenges in a row to get all the way to the very first Final Tribal Council. However, her turn to the "good side" went away over the last two votes where she dumped her bestest bud, Sue Hawk, and then America's sweetheart, Rudy Bosch, because she figured she'd have a better shot of winning against the hated Richard. She was wrong and has been left to stew on it for 15 long years. What has the layoff done to Kelly's Survivor skill? Will she be able to blend in and play the new Survivor or has the game passed her by? One thing's for sure, the Wigglesworth story is one of, if not THE most compelling story-lines in this game. Her fellow Season 1 castaway came back four seasons ago and placed it's possible. I can't wait to find out what she has in store for us after 15 years.

 photo peih-gee1_zpsnefqsuvh.jpg

Peih-Gee Law - Season 15: China - Peih-Gee is a person that I barely remember playing, yet is very well liked by a ton of Survivor fans. I always remember her name, not because of her time on the show, but because she is well liked or at least, a lot of fans have been clamoring for her return to the show for years. Well, you all got your wish. Peih-Gee is back. Peih-Gee was the last of her tribe remaining and finished all the way up at #5 on her season in China. Honestly, I don't remember much about her gameplay, but I think that's a good thing for her. With physical threats like Spencer and Terry on this tribe and strategic threats like Varner, Shirin and Vytas, Peih-Gee has the potential to just fade into the background and kind of skate all the way to the merge. If that happens and she can join up with some of the other under-the-radar types, she could have another deep run in her. She's one of the hardest for me to gauge as I don't have too much recollection about the China season, other than Todd absolutely dominated the Final Tribal like no one else. I'll go on record saying Peih-Gee will definitely be datable and could be a threat to go far.

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