The Amazing Race 26 Recap: Episode 12

Monster Truck Heroes

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 28, 2015

We bet these two never take selfies again.

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Jenny & Jelani have now driven their monster truck through the mud and will be arriving at the final challenge.

Up on Reunion Tower, Hayley finally sees the flags. Blair says that they’ve learned that you’re never out of the race until Phil tells you that you are, but we know better. Hayley blew this one. There’s no real polite way to say it. Considering how much she has berated Blair for his lack of attention to detail during the course of the season, it’s probably pretty devastating to her that she failed so spectacularly in this challenge.

She apologizes profusely to Blair, and he tells her it’s not necessary. As he has been throughout this race, he’s a good sport and somehow knows how to deal with her craziness.

Tyler & Laura are struggling with the order on their locker, but Jenny & Jelani get theirs pretty much right away. They open the door to discover a bunch of selfies. The challenge here is to place the selfies on the world map.

Jenny & Jelani have gotten out to a bit of a lead when Tyler & Laura open their locker. Laura reads the clue aloud, which says, “The selfies must be placed on the map in chronological order from right to left.” Oh… Jenny & Jelani’s selfies are haphazard, so they appear to have missed this critical detail. They’re both really smart, but the small stuff seems to evade them.

…Or perhaps they were just placing them all on the map so they could organize them better. Well, we’re about to find out whether their tactic is better or if Tyler & Laura’s plan to have Laura sort them while Tyler places them on the map is more effective.

Although Tyler & Laura finish first, their answers are incorrect. Hayley & Blair are at the monster truck, so you might sort of think they could still have a chance, but if you look at the time (only 10 minutes of show left), there’s no way.


Soon, Tyler & Laura realize that they only have one of them wrong, and they are now driving their monster truck back to get their next clue. At this point, they realize that Hayley & Blair have only just arrived, which means that they’re riding this monster truck to sweet, sweet victory.

The finish line isn’t right at their location, though. They have to make their way to Continental Avenue Bridge. Since Jenny & Jelani are now done with the task, it will be a true race to the finish.

Oh, who are we kidding? Jenny & Jelani will get lost.

Then again, Tyler & Laura’s driver doesn’t know where anything in Dallas is. They ask him to take them to the bridge, and he mutters that he’s never heard of it. The two of them ask for help from one of the other drivers, and he tells them that it’s “the new bridge.” This is apparently the information their driver needs, because he recognizes it immediately.

And in fact, Tyler & Laura are your winners of The Amazing Race. One of the nicest teams ever has won.

Phil tries to push the “blind date” theme by asking them “what kind of love did you find?” Tyler answers him that they’ve found “a love of the world and a lasting friendship.” They take a selfie with Phil.

Jenny & Jelani are all smiles even with the defeat, although Jenny makes sure to point out that Jelani will make some other girl very happy someday. Hayley rides on Blair’s shoulders to the finish. Disappointed that none of the blind daters have found love, he says, “I guess I’m not going to be officiating at any wedding.” Ashley points out that he can officiate her wedding to Matt, and Phil says, “I guess I will, yeah.”

Hayley says that if she were to choose a partner for the race, she'd want it to be Blair. He says he'd team with her again if she wouldn't yell at him. "Well, will you listen?" she asks. And so the cycle begins anew.

And that’s a wrap. This season was a lot of fun with likable teams. We’ll hope to see some of these people back for a future all-stars edition for sure (hint hint Jonathan & Harley).

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