The Amazing Race 26 Recap: Episode 12

Monster Truck Heroes

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 28, 2015

We bet these two never take selfies again.

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Jelani and Tyler are playfully racing to the cattle drive area (“I thought you were supposed to be fast,” shouts Tyler.) It’s bad news for Mike & Rochelle, though, as their cab driver is out of gas. They’re going to have to turn around and go fill up.

Even though Hayley is extremely uncomfortable on her horse, she and Blair finish the corralling task. They’re instructed to go to Reunion Tower, which is the location where Kim (your faithful recapper) saw Prince’s Purple Rain tour way way way back in 1984.

A scary situation develops when Jenny falls off her horse, but she says that when you fall down, you just jump right back on. She smiles as they come to the final portion of the task. Laura & Tyler are right behind them.

Doomed by various taxi issues, Mike & Rochelle don’t even get to play cowboy. Phil is waiting for them (with what looks like a gang of outlaws), and tells them that they have in fact been eliminated from the race. They’re not surprised, and they’re proud that they came this close. They’re a really nice couple, and we wish them luck in the future. Rochelle is ready to introduce Mike to her son, too!

That means our final three teams are all Blind Daters. When they arrive at Reunion Tower, they have to go up to the sphere and look for their next clue as they rappel down from the top of it. Hayley is doing the task for her team, but struggles to find the clue from her lofty vantage point. She believes it’s up on top of a parking garage.


She and Blair are leaving as the other two teams are arriving, and Tyler can’t stand that Hayley is beating him.

Then again, Hayley doesn’t really know where she’s going. She screams at Blair to help her, but of course he has no idea what she saw and can only guess the appropriate location.

And we soon realize that Hayley has it completely wrong anyway. Laura and Jenny are rappelling down the tower side by side, and Laura points out some flags near some train tracks. They are definitely sporting the colors of The Amazing Race, so she looks to be correct.

Now that they’ve finally climbed to the top of the parking garage, Hayley & Blair understand that they’re boned.

We should note here that if Hayley hadn’t been so adamant about not allowing Tyler & Laura to follow them earlier, she could have been rappelling down the building with Laura. I think we’ll chalk this one up to karma. Now they’re in the position of having to follow Laura & Tyler and Jenny & Jelani – or climb back up to the top of the tower.

Hayley yells at Blair because obviously this is his fault.

Back to our other two teams, they split at a T in the road, and it appears that Jenny & Jelani are going the wrong way (their specialty). Thus, Tyler & Laura arrive at the clue box first. They’ll drive a monster truck to the end of a bog pit, where their final challenge awaits. First, they have to look at a sign on a shed door. The sign contains names of places they visited throughout the race. They’ll need to know the number of the leg and then place it in order to determine the combination of the lock that opens the door. They’ll have more memory puzzles once they get the door open.

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